I Play: Shadow of The Colossus PS4

author Basement Radio Arcade Podcast   8 мес. назад

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Podcast #128: Huge Xbox One and PlayStation News/ Kotaku Confirms Obsidian Buy

MS announces Project X-Cloud, a streaming service that will stream games to, consoles, PC and mobile. Is this the future of gaming? Will game consoles become obsolete? We'll give you our thoughts, plus a ton of other gaming news!

Podcast #126: Sony Cross-play / Forza Horizon 4 reviews / TellTale Closes

Sony has answered the call, they will allow Cross-Play for Fortnite, what does this mean now and for the PS5? Forza Horizon 4 reviews are out and they are smoking hot! TellTale games is closing, what does this mean for the industry and it's former employees?

Podcast #129: Xbox XO18 Games / Rockstar Dev's Overworked / PUBG Decline

With XO18 around the corner, we could see new game announcements from MS newly acquired game studios and Crackdown 3 will be shown at XO18! Controversy at Rockstar Games, with news of dev's working 100 hour weeks on Red Dead Redemption 2. Are dev's being over-worked? Plus more gaming related news! BRAP is a Inner Circle Games Network affiliate. Please visit the website at https://ticgamesnetwork.com/ for gaming reviews, news and opinions.

BRAP RANT: The PUBG Hustle & Black Op's Does It Better

With the launch of CoD: Black Op's 4 and it's Battle Royal game mode, I am forced to ask, who does it better? And did PUBG hustle us?

iNside lOokin oUt | 🦇🗡 🐼 🐴 💔💔💔 🔫🕵️ 10/21/2018

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Watch, as I look to take down the 4th Colossi, in SoTC. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/basementradioarcade

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