I Play: Shadow of The Colossus PS4

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BRAP Rant: XBOX Will Dominate Next Console Generation

Engadget, just recently wrote a piece regarding Xbox positioning itself, to dominate the next generation of consoles. I'll give you my thoughts and take your questions. Please check out the Engadget article below! https://www.engadget.com/2018/12/20/microsoft-xbox-year-in-review-winner/

Podcast #137: Big Xbox Anaconda News! It's Big! Xbox Year in Review

Is Microsoft working on multiple Sku's? We'll give you the latest news on next gen plans for Xbox. Also, we'll give you are Xbox, year in review 2018. With special guest @undead3xvi (twitter handle)

BRAP Rant: Console Wars And Media Bias

Polygon makes a pop-culture reference tweet regarding Xbox Anaconda, and some gamer's get upset. Further proof of Media Bias! So they say...MS Executive tweets a joke, and people get upset. I am going to address Media Bias and Console Wars.


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BRAP RANT: Drama In The Gaming Community, It's Trash

Tired of the nonsense in the gaming community? So am I.....

Watch, as I look to take down the 4th Colossi, in SoTC. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/basementradioarcade

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