Jim Cornette on Sid Vicious Joining The Four Horsemen (Timeline WCW 1990)

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Bruce Prichard on Dory Funk Jr. Refusing to Drop the NWA World Title w/ Jim Cornette

From KC's Back to the Territories: Houston with Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard

Jim Cornette & JJ Dillon on Reconciling with Dusty Rhodes Before He Died

(Pretty much all JJ Dillon) Recorded just before JJ Dillon was to attend Dusty's funeral, JJ remembers backstage after the Four Horsemen's WWE Hall of Fame induction where JJ thanked Dusty for all he'd done for him. All Jim Cornette Experience & Drive-Thru podcast clips used with kind permission from Jim Cornette and Brian Last.

Kevin Nash on The Difference Between Writers vs Bookers (Guest Booker)

From KC's Guest Booker with Kevin Nash - The Outsiders Stay Inside

Jim Cornette's List of People He Hates the Most

From KC's YouShoot with Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette On Tommy Rogers Death

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From KC's Timeline History of WCW 1990 with Jim Cornette

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