Sundely Smart Vacuum Robot Cleaner (Review)

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Smart Robotic Automatic Cleaner -

product link: Description: • Intelligent robotic automatic cleaner with anti-collision system for daily use • Slim Design enable this robot vacuum cleaner working in the narrow space • Anti-collision System: It can better protect the furniture • Intelligent Drop Avoidance Induction: IR sensors at the bottom detect the high gap, avoid the dropping • 30PCS Absorption Paper: Stick paper on the robot machine to absorb dust, hair, etc. • Automatic Cleaning for home and office and other place • Powered by 4 x AA battery • Suitable for floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc. • Easily deal with all kinds of environment

Q1.Why dose the robot spin, move backward and beep?

How to fix: iLife V7 / V7s Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Easy Tutorial

I was having some problems with my iLife V7s and after doing some research and finding nothing, I decided to take a look. EASY fix! Second fix video here: If this helped you can Support the channel on Patreon: I suspect that most if not all robo vacs will suffer from this problem at one time or another so this video may be relevant to owners of the Roomba, Samsung, Bosch robot vacuums etc. Please chuck a thumb-up if this helped and check out our channel for heaps of varied material! Buy this great machine here: Or sometimes cheaper here:

ILIFE A4 robotic vacuum cleaner and ferrets

First vacuuming with ILIFE A4 (from robot accompanied by two very curious ferret girls. Vacuum works as it should and even under bed frame and ferret cage. The ferrets and the vacuum robot was not harmed during the filming and after.

Deebot R95 MK2 Robot Vacuum Unboxing and Review

Deebot R95 Robot Vacuum Unboxing and Review. This is a smart cleaning robot that works with Android/iOS phones and maps out your home. Scheduling cleaning, spot cleaning, auto cleaning and more modes available. A very smart and accurate cleaner with reasonable suction. Well worth considering. Buy yours from Amazon UK - or Amazon US - My other notes on the Deebot R95 MK2 Robot Vacuum cleaner: • Fancy one needs a fully "clean" area to be able to map out the house, otherwise it won't reach everywhere you want to next time it cleans if it's not mapped out properly. • Seems to clean well • Leaves tracks on carpets • Brushes sweep in from edges • Different cleaning modes include "spot" and "area" clean as well as auto. • Finds charger and docks well most times. • Sometimes has issues with low objects - like fireplaces where it bumped into the low hearth regularly before finding its path. • Also has mopping mode • Clever in how it handles steps - nicely avoids without falling down stairs • Smartphone control is cool and functional. Gives ability to control movement too. • Watch out for vacuums going "under" things (like a chest of drawers) and getting stuck and not being able to get out again • Advantage over a normal vacuum where it can do things like clean underneath a bed or table which you couldn't do easily/normally without lifting or moving of furniture. BUT it can't go down small steps or climb the stairs to do the whole house. • Struggled with cat hair. Issues with missed spots of cake crumbs or salt spillages. • Possibly works with echo - but found issues during setup… • There is a "mopping" functionality that's simple to use. You attach an "advanced" mopping system to the underneath. It's basically a reservoir that needs filling with water. The mop is really just a cloth. So mopping the floor is basically wiping a slightly damp cloth across the surface of the floor as the robot makes its way around. No detergent here. Just water. • Essentially the robot only does a cursory clean wherever it goes. It won't pick up big bits, has issues with cat hair, can't handle long pile, and will get stuck on objects if they aren't cleared off the floor – games, toys, clothes, books, anything that's often left on the floor will need moving. • Clearing the floor and mapping out the house is a worthwhile exercise, as it gives the robot a better view of your house. The only problem is if you don't have that layout every time it will get stuck or not clean as well. • Doing things like putting chairs on tables and blocking off gaps it can get under are worth doing. You could in theory, leave it to run over night, every night, if you had quick cursory tidy before bed. • These machines are quiet enough to run without disturbing you, which is a bonus. • Suction is ok. It must be pretty powerful as it did suck up the occasional tissue and piece of child's clothing that hadn't been moved out of the way sufficiently. • Issues with steps – you can't go up and down steps with this, so if your house has any small changes in levels or raised doorways then the bot won't be able to clean all the areas. • Cannot replace vacuum cleaning, as it has trouble with big bits, corners, changes in floor height, etc. But if you use it daily, it'll pick up a lot of the surface dirt. We were surprised how much dirt was picked up. It also coped well with things we didn't think it would – a cat bowl was clumsily dropped on the floor and shattered into tiny pieces, the robot made easy work of it. On the flip side, it didn’t manage to suck up a small pile of salt that had been spilt in its path. • If there is a spill or dirty area – then a quick "spot clean" usually does the job. Once mapped out, the floors for cleaning are also split into "areas" and you can send the robot off on a mission to clean those areas chosen at your leisure. • The sensors on the front allow the robot to capably map out the room and find its way around without crashing into everything in site. We were pleasantly surprised with how effective this was. Even if the room was mapped out previously and if you suddenly have an object in the way, the robot will handle it well and move around it with ease. • Some issues with the app – which wouldn't login some days and grumbled about there being connection issues with the network. But the robot is still usable, even without the app, just press the button to set it off on auto cleaning. Only problem is, you can't then check the map to see how it's doing. • Always amusing to see/hear it trundling back off to its charger when it has finished.

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