More HO Scale Model Trains/Locomotives in Action** Model railroad 2107 from Hobby Fair in Norway

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The City Edge Layout Model Railroad with amazing Miniature Cars in HO scale

At the worlds largest model railway exhibition, called Miniature Wonderland, the small self-driving cars were used for the first time on model train layouts. They call it microcar, minicar, car system or Faller Car System, DC Car or simply model car. The city edge layout model railroad in HO scale includes more than 100 mini cars. Pilentum tried to film the streets and houses always from a frog’s perspective. Please, take a look at because there is a description of available car systems for model railroad layouts.

TOY TRAINS: An Awesome Adventure

FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE, please playback on a big screen and sound system! *PLEASE - LEAVE A COMMENT, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND KEEP SHARING THIS VIDEO IF YOU ENJOYED IT. THANKS! :-) Fun comes in many different forms, but model trains take the cake. No matter what age, everyone can enjoy trains!! Join us on this action-adventure ride through one man's home with 3 Rail O Gauge Model and Toy Trains, pioneered by world famous manufacturers Lionel, and MTH. These trains make real sounds, real smoke, and capture a great passion in all of us, from the time we are children, to build, to become miniature artists, engineers, electricians, and best of all - to make lifelong friends throughout adolescence and adulthood. The layout featured in this video is currently under deconstruction... Pieces from it may become available for purchase in the near future. Contact: Model Railroad Location: South Bay, Los Angeles, CA Year built: 1999 Layout Status: Slated for Demolition. PLEASE - IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO, HELP US IN RETURN BY SHARING, LIKING, AND SPREADING THE WORD. THIS HOBBY NEEDS MORE EYES, AND MORE GIRLS AND BOYS AND WOMEN AND MEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT AND GIVE IT A TRY. GO OUT AND BUY O GAUGE TRAINS. SUPPORT THE MANUFACTURERS. THANK YOU. ACTUAL / FULL CREDITS: Principal Photography by James Karroum Macro Photography by Chris Weller Prologue Narration by James Karroum Produced, Written, Directed, Edited, and Operated by Daniel D. Carbone Proto-Sounds by QSI Proto-Sound 2.0 & 3.0 by MTH Electric Trains Railsounds II, 4.0, 5.0 by Lionel, LLC. Lionel and Railsounds are registered trademarks of Lionel, LLC. MUSIC: Prologue - "Funny Story" by Haim Mazar - PremiumBeat (purchased) Acts I & II - "Grand Entrance" by Gene Ort - Gene Michael Productions (purchased) FULL CAST: Senior Man - Thaine H. Allison, Jr. Young Female - Walkyria Whitlock Young Male - Daniel D. Carbone THANKS: Jason Wenzel, Chris Carbone, James Karroum, Chris Weller, Walkyria Whitlock, Thaine H. Allison, Jr., Midge Wilburn, Heather Schmidt, Tom Mohr, Matt Haynes, Milepost 38 Toy Trains, Tom Friddle, MTH Electric Trains,, Nikos Bellas, La Verne Carbone © 2017 Paradyne Entertainment - all rights reserved. ________________________________________________ LANDMARKS and NOTABLE HOMAGE SCENERY: Approximate Time Period 1940s-1950s (people and vehicles) Snowy Winter Christmas town with Ski Resort in the Midwest The Rocky Mountains (backgrounds) Los Angeles Union Station Hell Gate Bridge in New York City (Tinplate) Statue of Liberty Empire State Building and New York (2D background) Railroad Switching and Loading Work Yards TRAIN ROSTER: (Ordered by appearance; screen L to R) 1996 MTH Premier BN FP-45 1999 MTH RailKing Wabash Cannonball Hudson 1997 MTH Premier NYC J-1e Hudson* 1997 MTH Premier UP Veranda Turbine 1999 MTH Premier SF DL-109/110 Texas Chief 1998 MTH Premier Amtrak P42 Genesis 2008 Williams Bachmann RG ALCO PA-1 AAs* 1997 MTH Premier UP Big Boy 4012 1995 Lionel C&O L-1 Yellowbelly Hudson* 2000 Lionel JLC B&O EM-1 Yellowstone 1998 MTH Premier SP Daylight GS-4 1995 MTH Premier UP Big Blow Gas Turbine 1997 MTH Premier SF EMD F3 ABBAs* 1995 MTH Premier SF Northern 2900 Class 1990 Williams CE Brass SP Cab Forward 1996 MTH Premier SF FP-45 1995 Lionel B&A 2046 Hudson 1991 Lionel NYC L3 Mohawk* 1996 Lionel Wabash Bluebird 2046 Hudson 2003 K-Line SP RS-3 Road Switcher *These trains have been upgraded or customized by the producer.

Beautiful French Modular Model Railway Layout with Cab Ride in HO Scale

In France, there exists a model railway association, called “Trains Miniatures de l'Omois”. This French model train club has 35 members concentrating on the construction of modular model railway layouts and model railway segments in HO scale only. They do not have a permanent model railroad system because the members like to visit model railway exhibitions and other events for presenting their beautiful model railway layout. While modular model railway layouts often consist of segments that are built very simple or without landscapes, the French segments delight the viewer with an infinite number of beautiful details. For Pilentum it was hardly possible to record all these details on video, for example the old city, the beautiful French railway stations, the old castle, the market square, etc. Therefore, Pilentum and the model train club members were made some cab rides along all railroad segements. Please, enjoy this tour in “Little France”. More information and some photos are available at, for free.

Explore the biggest model railway with the tiniest Street View - #MiniView on Google Maps

Discover the magic of the world’s largest model railway exhibit, MIniatur Wunderland, through the first ever mini-Street View. See tiny recreations of sites in Hamburg, Bavaria, Scandinavia, USA and more, now available in Google Maps. Start exploring at Street View Gallery

Awesome HO Scale NS TopGon Model Train Action in HD - OCT 2009

Visit Tim Dickinson's HO Scale model train layout for an unusual sight - Norfolk Southern locomotives and TopGon coal cars traversing the line between Spokane and Seattle, Washington. In due time, we'll cover awesome Burlington Northern action from the mid-70's on Tim's layout. Featured in this video are Paul Federiconi and his completely custom, Norfolk Southern Dash9's. Complete with ALL of the detail you could imagine (including some new Details West NS and Dash9 products), Paul even went as far as adding sound to the models with the correct, custom programmed, K5 horn and air compressor - not currently available on the market. Sound decoder by Loksound. Paul painted the models and used decals from ShellScale Decals ( Visit: Paul's Dash9's pull 36 BLMA Models HO Scale TopGon Coal Cars in smooth, modern fashion. Running empty, the train makes good speed through the flat lands, powers it's way up the grade, and glides down the hill in dynamics for a meet with an intermodal train holding the main. Please visit our website for additional information on the Norfolk Southern TopGon's and other products:

More HO Scale Model Trains/Locomotives in Action** Model railroad 2107 from Hobby Fair in Norway.

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