Hot Cheetos ON A PIZZA!!! Food Review

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ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!! - Lets blast 20,000 likes! Remember to Subscribe for more :D DIY HOT CHEETOS CHICKEN - SUBSCRIBE TO DUSTIN! Hey guys! So I decided to make a giant DIY Giant Flaming Hot Cheetos pizza. It was amazing!! Hope you guys enjoy. If you'd like to send me Takis! PO Box 59071 Alta Vista Ottawa ON K1G 5T7 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! ChadwithaJ ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT! JSlaibs MAKE SURE TO VISIT HOMETOWN IN OTTAWA!! 1525 Bank Street Ottawa, On Music Used: Shoutout Kevin MacLeod


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DIY Hot Cheetos Tacos!!!

Become a MARMAR!!: items:Affiliate links! Taco shape fryer: Tortilla press: Masa(corn flour I used): Had so much fun making this Flaming Hot Cheetos DIY. Everyone knows i love tacos nad hot cheetos. so finally i thought i figured i infused the two together!@#$!. This is a dream come true and i hope you can DIY Hot cheetos tacos too! Checkout all my latest DIY's & Experiments in this Playlist!: Checkout all My Life Logs (Daily Vlog) Here!: Check Out These Cool Vids!: DIY GIANT MARSHMALLOW!!! DIY Wassabi Gum Prank!!!!!!: Subscribe: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Hi, I'm Marlin I make DIY, Gaming, And Vlog Videos. I post a video every single day at 12pm PST. Occasionally I do some pretty crazy stuff with my cousin Guava Juice A.K.A Guava Roi. I love to cook and make things I just never posted it on the interwebz untill now! Random Facts: I am Cambodian american and a Staged trained actor.

Detroit Pizza Gets a New York Twist From These NYC Slice Masters | Food Skills

New Yorkers are territorial when it comes to their slices. So when two Staten Island pizza legends decide to open up a Detroit-style pie shop in the heart of Manhattan, you know they better have a good reason. Enter: Lions and Tigers and Squares—a Detroit-style pizza parlor “with a New York twist.” For Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, the masterminds behind NYC’s Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, the obsession with Detroit-style pie came from a trip to the Motor City in 2013, where they got a crash-course in the town’s unique approach to cheese, sauce, and dough. Now, on the corner of 8th Avenue and West 23rd Street in Chelsea, the cousins are churning out square pizzas with the best of them, covering their dough with heaps of fresh cheddar cheese and baking it all in a pan. The result is something crisp, cheesy, and decidedly untraditional, as far as purists from both cities are concerned. "Detroit is a pizza city. I mean, come on. People forget that," Garcia says. "It was a combination of loving the way that it tastes, loving the way that it looks, and loving the way that it came about." Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: Check out more of First We Feast here: First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS ENCHILADAS - How To Make It DIY this is how to make iconic flamin' hot cheetos enchiladas casserole!! this was such a delicious diy and i would make it again for sure. let me know what other chips DIY videos you guys want! basically i food precessed my flamin' hot cheetos, and then i made some taco beef! then i put the beef into tortillas with cheese and hot cheetos! i put then on top of nacho cheese and then covered them in a flamin' hot cheetos enchilada sauce! i hope you guys like this recipe! WATCH MY OTHER DORITOS AND CHEETOS DIY VIDEOS THE DORITOS LASAGNA - How To Make Dorito Casserole DIY FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS BREAD DIY | How To Make It! TAKIS PIZZA - How To Make Taki Chips Covered Pizza DIY FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS POTATO SKINS | How To FLAMIN' HOT CHEEZ-IT | How To Make Hot Cheetos Cheez-Its TAKIS FRENCH FRIES - How To Make Taki Chips Covered Fries FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS MAC N' CHEESE DIY | How To GIANT DORITOS PIZZA DIY | How To FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS BURGER DIY | How To

Hot cheetos pizza food review
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