90th Anniversary of the Everett Massacre

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Everett Tweakers DRUG OVERDOSE Mike Icee in Everett WA

Mike Icee visits Everett Tweakers Livestream to find a drug overdose emergency.

Live Tweaker Cam from Everett Washington

36th Street and Smith Ave. Everett WA Courtesy of Everett Tweakers

Inside Malaysias Shadows State (Documentary)

This new investigation by Global Witness reveals the systemic corruption and illegality at the heart of government in Sarawak, Malaysias largest state. This film, shot undercover during the. Hiding in the shadows of the Malaysian state of Sabah, are tiny figures, the children of migrants who are growing up stateless. Born in Malaysia but citizens of no country, they spend their.

What it sounded like when Donald Trump emerged. Everett,WA.

Was an honor to be a part of history. HORRIBLE QUALITY.

Welcome to Everett, WA Don't do Drugs Kids, Tweakerville USA

Do not do drugs kids, this is what Everett WA aka Tweakerville looks like. Sorry for them, wish could help more but City allows drug use. Literally saw people lying in streets back on ground, arms spread around for hours, until I saw few people from Gospel Mission come tap them on the shoulder to see if they were alive or not, got goosebumps. Saw another gentelman whom I believe was under the influence trying to fight a metal bus stop pole.

Heres whats on Indymedia Presents #226: It was 90 years ago, in Everett, WA, when Sheriffs deputies open fire on a boatload of activists, members of the International Workers of the.

Washington state has a rich history of progressive activism - and that history has just hit a significant milestone. Relive the one hundredth anniversary of the Everett Massacre and learn how.

First-hand accounts and historical images from the Everett Massacre, a deadly confrontation between citizen deputies and labor activists on the waterfront on . 5, 1916.

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