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10 Strangest Areas in Games We Were Never Supposed to Find

In today's video we're diving into the top 10 areas in videos games we were never intended to find but were found anyway through the use of glitches, exploits, and mods. Let me know in the comments if you've found an area in a video game we weren't meant to find. Discord: Pateron: Any support you want to give (of any form) puts me a step closer to putting out videos quickly, regularly, and more consistently. :) ~Games Featured~ (SPOILERS) Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro: Heroes Tale Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Trepasser Burnout Paradise World of Warcraft Halo 2 Landstalker Final Fantasy VII Shrek: Extra Large ~Clips and References~ SPOILERS Skyrim - Dead Body Cleanup Cell Spyro Year of the Dragon - Out of Bounds Arena Trepasser - Hidden Test Area Trepasser - Hidden Area in the Hidden Test Area Gabe Newell Interview Burnout Paradise - Out of Bounds Environments World of Warcraft - The Pool of Upside Down Sinners Halo 2 - Cut Warthog Run Ending Landstalker - Cut Bathing Scene Special thanks to Orange Velocity, Tikin, Tea Lady Hannah, Cassandra Lipp, Jeff Dawson, Jangoosed, Robert Tucker, AgentEvil, and Ghostie for their contributions to this video.

10 Video Game Records That Will Never Be Broken

Constant evolution is a part of human nature and thus people have taken a great liking towards the Guinness Book of Records, the publication that indexes all the exceptional things in the world. As gaming has become more and more influential as a medium it was impossible to stay away from the tempting domain of record breaking achievements. In what follows, we will be showcasing 10 amazing video game records that are quite impossible to break. Thumbnail: Okan Kaya, Australian Gamer who played Call Of Duty For 135 Hours. Narrator: Davide Arbisi

Top 15 UNREAL ENGINE 4 Games For iOS & Android 2018 (HIGH GRAPHICS)

This list contains best games made by best gaming engine in world called UNREAL ENGINE & new UNREAL ENGINE 4 has been ported to Android & iOS which provide best graphics as you have ever seen in mobile devices and there are many games that have been ported for mobile using the UNREAL ENGINE 4 like, Life is Strange, Fornite, PUBG & many more. So I have made top list of UE4 games for iOS & Android in 2018. Games List :- 1) Fortnite iOS :- Android :- 2) PUBG iOS :- Android :- 3) Ark Survival iOS :- Android :- 4) Life Is Strange iOS :- Android :- 5) Hello Neighbor iOS :- Android :- 6) Newborn iOS :- Android :- 7) Sky Lights Awaits iOS :- Android :- 8) Blade 2 iOS :- Android :- 9) Black Desert Mobile iOS :- Android :- 10) Forged Fantasy iOS :- Android :- 11) EQQO iOS :- Android :- 12) AMONG THE DEAD ONES iOS :- Android :- 13) Angels In the Sky iOS :- Android :- 14) Icarus M iOS :- Android :- 15) ArcheAge Begins iOS :- Android :-

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Animator: Be a casual: So what if I had immortality? What would I do with an infinite amount of time? Will I spend my eternal life traveling the world or try to become a cult leader and destroy humanity? Being immortal sounds cool until you realize it's a curse. Today Daniel, Stephen, and Hosuh will go explore the concept of immortality and discuss the possible outcomes. If I was immortal and could live forever, I honestly think I wouldn't change anything... Also apparently Meet Arnold posted a "what if you live 1000 years" 5 days ago so we supposedly copied him... gg Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Our Discord: Our Twitch: Our Facebook Page: Our Twitter Page:

10 Games That Humiliated The Player For Cheating!

Trending 10 counts down the top 10 Video Games That Humiliated Cheaters! Subscribe to Trending 10: Follow Trending 10: Twitter: Facebook: Watch More Trending 10: Latest Uploads: Popular Videos: Music: Robot Rock [8 Bit Cover Tribute to Daft Punk] - 8 Bit Universe Voice Over by TheBlackLink:

Top 10 Best Hack & Slash Games 2018 For Android! checkout these cool games for android and some are available for ios as well. like, comment, share and subscribe. Hit The Bell Icon Please :)

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thumbnail - Blade 2

the game are -
10. Eternium

09. BladeBound

08. Samurai 2 Vengeance

07. Darkness Rises

06. Blade 2 Rise Of Evil

05. NeverGone

04. Runic Rampage

03. Shadow Of Death Dark Knight

02. Dawn Break

01. Monkey King Havok In Heaven

these are the game for now. hope you like them. some game links are given. take a look.please Subscriber guys.

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