The whole Disney Cars 2013 Piston cup diecast series ranked worst to best-part 1

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Disney Cars Custom Damaged Piston Cup Racers (Motor Speedway of the South Crash)

In 'Cars,' Chick Hicks caused a huge crash that affected most of the racers. Mattel only released one of the damaged Piston Cup racers: Chuck Armstrong (Mood Springs). Thankfully, FauxWheelDrive 7 has made customs of many of the remaining racers, including Todd Marcus, Claude Scruggs, Greg Candyman, Mac iCar, Aiken Axler, Floyd Mulvihill, Ruby "Easy" Oaks, Slider Petrolski, Sage VanDerSpin, Darren Leadfoot, Lee Revkins, Billy Oilchanger, Ponchy Wipeout, Ralph Carlow, Ernie Gearson, Brush Curber and Dirkson D'Agostino. Contact FauxWheelDrive 7 - Email Address: Google Plus Profile: For a better viewing experience, set the quality of this video to 1060p! Related Videos: N20 Cola Pitty - Steve Carski (Vitoline Hauler) - Join the Disney Cars Google Plus community: Music: Tobu - Puzzle | Candyland ( ( ( ( (

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23 Cars Trucks Complete Collection

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All Cars 3 Stock Car Racers Ranked Worst to Best in my Opinion

As I said, I made this video yesterday right before I made the Next-Gen List video, which I would then make that video right out of this one! I expected Carl Clutchen to be higher and Dino Draftsky to be lower, but I was wrong...

The LB Piston Cup Octane Gain 400 Motor Speedway of the South Race 2 [STOP - MOTION]

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long it’s just school work have been insane staring high school have been surprisingly harder but, big plans are ahead for the channel. Follow me at Instagram at Thanks 4 Watching and I’ll see you all soon. Stop motion made by LB Productions #cars #cars3 #pistoncupracing #stopmotions

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