KILLER INSTINCT Definitive Edition

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Killer Instinct Eyedol Gameplay Footage - Online Match 35 - Xbox One - Season 3 - 60fps

Here are two online matches for Killer Instinct Season 3 on Xbox One featuring the final character of Season 3 who was also the final boss of the original Killer Instinct, Eyedol. The following matches are Retro Eyedol vs. Eyedol on the Shadow Tiger's Lair stage and Retro Eyedol vs. Retro Eyedol on the Forgotten Grotto stage. Just like I did for the video where I played as Retro Gargos, for the second match in this video I added some music from the original Killer Instinct. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like, favorite, & share. Thanks for watching and enjoy! *Subscribe to my channel for more 60fps gameplay walkthroughs on other video games and live streams* *Follow me on Twitter for updates on new uploaded videos and live streams* *Donations*

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Off stream match, apologies for quality! It's all I got to work with

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