Huge Xbox One Exclusive Games Leaked!!

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Podcast #128: Huge Xbox One and PlayStation News/ Kotaku Confirms Obsidian Buy

MS announces Project X-Cloud, a streaming service that will stream games to, consoles, PC and mobile. Is this the future of gaming? Will game consoles become obsolete? We'll give you our thoughts, plus a ton of other gaming news!

Podcast #127: Microsoft Buying Obsidian / Google's Project Stream / Crackdown 3 Update

Google is beta testing game streaming in partnering with Ubi-Soft to stream the new Assassins Creed Odyssey. Will Google be able to deliver a quality experience? The rumor mill is churning with MS buying game developer Obsidian. Will this happen? Also, Phil Spencer updates us on Crackdown 3. BRAP is an Inner Circle Gaming Network affiliate. Please check out TiC's website at

Podcast #125: Forza Horizon 4 /Spider-Man Tops GoW / Huge Nintendo News

Spider-Man is already the best selling Marvel video game. But what other titles has it surpassed with it's successful launch? We'll also discuss the next big Xbox exclusive release, Forza Horizon 4! And we have some exciting Nintendo news to discuss!

Xbox One S - Before You Buy

The Xbox One S is the first revision to the Xbox One hardware. Is this newer, slimmer console really worth it? Jake Baldino breaks it down. Subscribe for more:

Xbox One S... 9 Months Later

Xbox One S: Buy the CLOTHES and GEAR from this video at MY CAMERA SETUP: My camera: My favorite prime lens: My favorite zoom lens: My drone: My slider: My main gimbal: My phone gimbal: My goto mic: My XLR mic adapter: My tripod: My video head: My travel video head: My travel tripod: My monopod: My flexible tripod: My mini tripod: My studio lights: MY STUDIO SETUP: My reclaimed wood desk: My mango wood TV stand: My bookcases: My coffee table: My white end table: My Rug #1: My Rug #2: My smart lights: My kinetic sculpture: My standing desk: MY XBOX GAMING SETUP: My gaming TV: My exact Xbox model: My favorite Xbox controller: My gaming headset: My gaming chair:

The rumor mill keeps on churning into this early new year, 2018! According to an industry insider, we have news of some big Xbox exclusives to be announced later this year! A new Fable game? Huge update to the Halo franchise!?

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