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2019 Ram blows away 2019 Silverado??

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80's Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 Bug Out Vehicle (CSBOV)

Prototype Hunting: 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Spied In the Wild!

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WOW AMAZING!! 2019 Chevy Suburban Diesel

2019 Chevy Suburban Diesel - Chevrolet will likely increase the car engine into a lot more effective contender. This car is going to be built with V8 engine offering 6.2 liter capacity capable of 430 horsepower. The car will likely be guaranteed with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. Moreover, this car can also get easy products changes system for additional changes. There is also a choice engine for this car which uses a V6 engine. But will not get deceived as it is no regular V6 engine but twin turbo engine with 3.6-liter capacity. This different engine capable of making 400 horsepower. The transmission system that can be used is also rumored to be automatic. And it can sometimes have 6 or 8 speed level of items level. Safety features are likewise better for this new Chevy Suburban. The details we can get give us some good info that its car will have enhanced collision diagnosis system which is much better than the outdated design. This may increase the safety when biking the car. And there is some advancement on the currently great interior safety for this new 2019 Chevy Suburban. Keyword : chevy,2019 chevy silverado,chevy suburban,suburban,chevrolet suburban,chevy silverado,2018 chevy suburban,2019 chevrolet silverado,2019 silverado,2020 chevy suburban diesel,chevrolet silverado 2019,suburban 2019,2020 chevy suburban spy shots,2019 chevy silverado 1500,2019 chevrolet suburban,2020 chevy suburban premium,2020 chevrolet (chevy) suburban,chevrolet,chevy tahoe,diesel,chevrolet suburban 2017 Vidio Link : Please Subcraibe my channel : Backsound credit by :\

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Hot on the heels of the announcement that the Suburban RST will get the engine it should have had in the first place – the 6.2-liter V8 – we have spy shots of the next Suburban, and a glimpse of a major change underneath.

You can blame the Ford Expedition for the change to independent rear suspension (IRS) rather than the current SUV's solid axle, probably. One source said Chevy wouldn't have fit the more expensive unit if the Expedition, which features an independent rear end and a high-tech turbocharged engine, had made less of a splash. But it did. We've raved about it at launch, and the next time we drove it – so Chevy has some serious competition in this segment for the first time in a long time.

Of course, the IRS could've been in the works all along. The next Chevy Silverado rides on the next-generation truck chassis, called T1, and the Suburban will ride on a variant of that chassis. The IRS could have been baked into the product plan a long time ago, mirroring the relationship between the body-on-frame Ford Expedition and its solid-axle F-150 counterpart.

Frankly, it doesn't much matter if this is a reactionary move or not – while solid axle roadholding and ride quality have improved drastically over the years, an independent rear setup offers more of both and is generally a huge benefit to the average consumer.Automotive Cars News,2020 CHEVY SUBURBAN SPY SHOTS, chevy suburban, chevy, 2018 chevy suburban, suburban, chevrolet suburban, chevrolet suburban 2017, chevrolet, chevrolet suburban (automobile model), 2018 chevrolet suburban, chevy tahoe, chevy silverado, 2019 chevy silverado, 2020 chevy suburban diesel, 2020 chevy suburban premium, 2020 chevrolet (chevy) suburban, tahoe, chevrolet suburban 2016, 2017 chevrolet suburban, chevrolet suburban interior, chevrolet suburban review,

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