Grid Autosport - Ios/Android Gameplay#2

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In this video we are going to compare Real racing 3 vs Grid Autosport physics while crashes. Which one is more realistic? 💥CHECK OUT MY LATEST VIDEO: 🆘SUBSCRIBE & HIT BELL 🔔: My gear: Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Headset: Case: 👍HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF THIS! ✅FIND PXELGUY ON FACEBOOK: ✅FIND PXELGUY ON TWITTER: ✅FIND PXELGUY ON INSTAGRAM: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: 🎵Outro: Changing Faces - One and Only

Grid Autosport High Speed Crashes Ever in 60 fps

Grid Autosport Best Crashes Montage Ever in 60 frames (Frame Rate Demonstration)


Check me out buying the Koenigsegg Agera R race car on Grid 2. This is by far the fastest car in the game but the reality is you cannot put all that power to use as the back end wants to be at the front! This is my first proper race in the Agera so still getting used to the power hence why I take it east for a few laps then push it on the last lap to catch the Veyron, it would have been much closer! Thanks for watching, be sure to LIKE the video if you found it useful.

3 Game Balapan Offline Dengan Grafik Terbaik Di Android

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GRID 2 PC Multiplayer: How I play with my keyboard - Koenigsegg Agera R & Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

By request, this video is just a showcase on how I play GRID 2 with my keyboard. GRID 2 [HD] 720p PC Multiplayer Race gameplay with keyboard using both Upgraded Tier 3 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and Fully Upgraded Tier 4 Koenigsegg Agera R. This is an online public playlist event where events, tracks and tiers are randomly generated by the game. The first track is Chicago The Loop, 2nd track is Red Bull Ring GP Circuit and 3rd track is Yas Marina GP Circuit. First of all, I want to say that I'm really sorry I could not get a good view of my fingers using the keyboard without interfering my gameplay. If you noticed the "A" key is quite blocked by my middle finger. Also I did not expect the video resolution to be smaller than the LCD screen on the camera, this results the spacebar key a bit cut off at the bottom. Also I find that it's hard to tell whether I'm pressing the key or not, especially the spacebar key with the unexpected bottom cut. I also apologies that my keyboard clip for each race is not consistent, because my camera kept reset the zoom after a certain period of time. It's quite uncomfortable with a tripod standing between me and the screen and a camera right in front of my face, as well as my hand position because the tripod is in the way as well. This also affected my gameplay slightly with a few more mistakes. As you can see, my keys are the default "W" for the gas "S" for brake and "A" and "D" for left and right steer. My "Q" button is to look behind and the handbrake is the spacebar key which is default. The flashback key is the backspace key which the only task for my right hand. To be honest, I'm actually quite surprised at the action of my fingers. I honestly thought that I only brake with my middle finger, turns out at certain times I use my index finger! I didn't know that and my fingers must have subconsciously hit the brake button for left turns, at times I used both! Honestly, I don't really know what advice to give on using keyboard. As you practice, you began to feel how the car will react through your own eyes and your fingers subconsciously react. Best advice is to practice, understand the handling, feel it and react to it!

GRID Autosports adalah game ber-genre racing yang dikembangkan sekaligus dirilis oleh Codemasters untuk konsol PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 dan perangkat PC mulai tanggal 27 Juni 2014. Game yang dikembangkan menggunakan EGO 3 engine ini merupakan sekuel dari Grid 2, versi Grid yang menghilangkan fitur sudut pandang dari dalam ruang kendali mobil (in-car view).

Kali ini, GRID Autosports hadir dengan menghadirkan kembali fitur sudut pandang pengemudi dari dalam ruang kendali, dengan menampilkan desain interior yang lebih detail layaknya mobil sungguhan. GRID Autosports dapat dimainkan di perangkat PC, berikut adalah spesifikasi minimal yang harus dipenuhi untuk menainkannya.

Tidak ada mobil biasa pada video game ini, seluruhnya adalah mobil sport yang diperuntukkan untuk balapan di sirkuit sehingga bentuknya pun sudah tidak lagi layaknya mobil sport standa pada umumnya. Mobil dibagi dalam 5 kategori utama yaitu touring, endurance, open wheel, tuner dan street yang mana setiap kategori juga menghadirkan jenis mobil yang berbeda. Setiap kategori juga dibagi dalam tier 1-3 yang mana semakin tinggi tier-nya maka semakin tinggi juga kecepatan mobil itu. Terdapat 78 mobil secara total yang dapat digunakan pada game ini.

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