Ultimate Gamer Rage

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Ultimate Gamer Rage #2

My second installment of the laughing track of these little too salty gamers. Welcome back to the thrill ride of kids throwing their xboxes and grown men punching their monitors. This is another edition to the original video and hope that it is the same with laughs. Hope you guys enjoy like the last one, thank you!

Ultimate Gamer Rage #3

Heres another installation of the gamer rage. Someone last video said they wanted a video of just girls which I wanted to do but there really isnt that much that I can find so I made this one with more female gamers in it instead. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video!

Ultimate Gamer Rage #4

Sorry for the long delay. I just got done with a moving process and I hope that now I am closer to my computer and have more time that I will be able to upload more. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video and sorry again for the delay.

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1v1 against another trash talking viewer

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Here and there with the compilation of gamers throwing the F-bombs for their mothers to hear to actually throwing their controller out the window, this is the ultimate gaming rage compilation.

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