The Mooseman Review [PS4, Switch, Xbox One, & PC]

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The Mooseman (Switch) Review | Mr. Panda's Reviews

Mr. Panda reviews The Mooseman, a 2D puzzle adventure for the Nintendo Switch! In this game based on mythology from Perm, Russia, you play as the Mooseman, who has the power to see the spiritual world. Who is the Mooseman?! ►►New? Subscribe here! -- ►A review copy was used for this video. ►The Mooseman is a puzzle adventure/walking simulator based on ancient myths of finno-ugric style. This cultural reconstruction of mythology features art based on the Perm animal style, Koni music, and an authentic Koni-Permian narrator. The Mooseman can see spirits, and will need to do so to solve puzzles and survive as he journeys through the three layers of the world. ►►Timestamps: 0:11 - Introduction to The Mooseman 0:33 - Presentation (Art, Music, Culture) 1:14 - Story, Who is the Mooseman? 1:42 - Gameplay (Powers, Puzzles, Difficulty) 3:03 - Playtime, Replay Value 3:20 - Conclusion ►All footage was captured using The Mooseman for Nintendo Switch. ►►Music Used: (all from The Mooseman) - The Dawn - Village - Лэтчан вуж (feat. М.Бурдин) ----- Game: The Mooseman Platform: Nintendo Switch Also Available On: PS4, Xbox One, Steam, PC, Mac, Mobile (iOS, Android) Release Date: July 18, 2018 Developer: Morteshka Publisher: Sometimes You Genre: Adventure, 2D Walking Simulator, Puzzle, Educational Players: 1 Player on Video: Mr. Panda Host: Mr. Panda ***** ►►FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ►TWITTER -- ►FACEBOOK -- ►INSTAGRAM -- ►MR. PANDA'S REVIEWS -- ***** Welcome to Mr. Panda’s channel - home of weekly Nintendo game reviews, feature discussions, and more! Run by Alex “Mr. Panda” and Tiffa “Crystal Dragon,” it’s our goal to deliver fun and informative Nintendo content to you! ***** ►►Journey over to my adventure game reviews! From Zelda to point-and-click! ►The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -- ►Layton's Mystery Journey -- ►World to the West -- ►Thimbleweed Park -- ►Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles -- ►The Lion’s Song -- ►North -- ►The Fall Part 2: Unbound -- ►Shape of the World -- ►►Check out a tour of our video game, amiibo, plush, and autograph collection! -- ***** If you enjoyed the video and want to see more, please be sure to hit that LIKE button and SHARE this with a friend! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more great Nintendo content! Thank you so much for watching! ***** #TheMooseman #Mooseman #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch The Mooseman (Switch) Review - Mythical Moose | Mr. Panda's Reviews

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The Mooseman Review
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The Mooseman PS4 Review
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