Baka Gaijin Novelty Hour - Danganronpa - Episode #47

author Zeke Freek   1 год. назад

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Baka Gaijin Show (Podcast)- Episode #40-A: KEVIN SHUT UP AND GRAB YOUR JELLYBEANS

In this bombastical episode, we discuss the current anime season, Funimation and Crunchyroll being the breakup of the month and some not-so-surprising developments plaguing western animation behind the scenes. ft. Ash:Nine. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER:

Baka Gaijin Show (Podcast)- Episode #39: TOOK YO GAMEZ, BITCH

In this episode, we discuss the new studio formed by Kodaka, Uchikoshi and others, and also what we've been watching lately. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER;

Baka Gaijin Show (Podcast)- Episode #40-B: ALEX HIRSCH'S EVIL EXES STRIKE AGAIN

continued from before


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Baka Gaijin Show (Podcast)- Episode #38: CRYING LIKE AN ANIME FAN ON PROM NIGHT

n thes yumlicious episode of teh baku gojin shew, queven and ay dyskuss annie may gaemz, thy endustri and resent hapennengs as whel as lowkahlezayshun izues und teh staht uf ze BN mahkit. Discord;

In this episode, Monokuma demands donuts! Or there could be a more logical explanation.

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