2 Cold Scorpio on Sid Vicious vs Arn Anderson Scissors Shoot Fight-WCW 1993 (YouShoot)

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www.highspots.tv check it out! http://highspots.tv In 1993 WCW was booked on an over seas tour, they flew in on a long flight, drove several hours to wrestle the show and then boarded a bus for another long drive. The boys were tired and tempers begin to run high. Finally at the hotel Sid Vicious, Arn Anderson, Big Van Vader, Two Cold Scorpio and others decided to have a drink before going to their rooms. What unfolded was one of the most infamous incidents in wrestling history. Here eye witness accounts from the Nasty Boys, Scorpio, Vader, and Psycho Sid himself on the Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious Scissor Incident.

From KC's YouShoot with 2 Cold Scorpio

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