Baka Gaijin Novelty Hour - Danganronpa - Episode #45

author Zeke Freek   11 мес. назад

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Zeke Freek is the name. Being tactlessly critical of the world around me is my game. Baka Gaijin Show podcasts episodes to come every few weeks. Baka Gaijin Novelty Hour updates thrice a week.

Baka Gaijin Show (Podcast)- Episode #38: CRYING LIKE AN ANIME FAN ON PROM NIGHT

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Baka Gaijin Show (Podcast)- Episode #36-B: LAST JEDI FUCKING SUCKS

Continuing from where we left off...

In this episode, Kirigiri is too smart to let us stare up her skirt. Little does she know we've been sniffing her bedsheets while she was gone.

Naegi's the good guy, I swear.

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