Hexologic (ACTUAL Game Review) [PC]

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Shape of the World Switch Review

Shape of the World for Nintendo Switch reviewed by The Flannel Fox If you like this Shape of the World video review please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE this video, and FOLLOW me on Twitter @TheFlannelFox http://www.twitter.com/TheFlannelFox Please see written review at my Metacritic: http://www.metacritic.com/user/TheFla... Check out my Nintendo Switch Reviews playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dopz…

Nintendo Switch Review Re-Do [2018]

[NINTENDO SWITCH REVIEW RE-DO 2018] You don't need me to tell you that the Nintendo Switch is a blockbuster success; all you need to do is look at the numbers. Thirteen months after its debut, Nintendo's new console has sold about 18 million units, putting the company's profits up 500% year-over-year … and keeping the Nintendo Switch price firm at the same $300 it launched at. But while the console world and the smartphone world are two very different domains, the question we'd ask about a Galaxy S8 still apply to the Switch: should you still buy one today, this long after its launch? What light can the growth of its ecosystem shed on its future prospects? And what accessories have proven themselves valuable after a years' worth of usage? Those questions and more answered above, in MrMobile's Nintendo Switch Review Re-Do for 2018! [SPONSOR] Brought to you by dbrand. Get your Nintendo Switch skins here: http://dbrand.com/mrmobile-switch [SUBSCRIBE TO MRMOBILE] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOpcUkE-is7u7c4AkLgqTw?sub_confirmation=1 [ABOUT MRMOBILE'S NINTENDO SWITCH REVIEW RE-DO] MrMobile's Nintendo Switch Review Re-Do / Review 2018 was produced following thirteen months with a Nintendo Switch retail device purchased by Mobile Nations. A secondary Nintendo Switch review unit was provided by dbrand. [PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO] Nintendo Switch: http://mrmobile.tech/4nv WaterField Designs Surface Accessory Pouch: http://mrmobile.tech/4n2 [LINKS] Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know [iMore]: https://www.imore.com/nintendo-switch [MUSIC] “No Major Delays” by Julian Bell, available at Premium Beat: https://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty_free_music/songs/no-major-delays “Groove Science” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat: https://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty-free-tracks/groove-science [SOCIALIZE] http://facebook.com/themrmobile http://instagram.com/themrmobile http://twitter.com/themrmobile http://mrmobile.tech [DISCLOSURE] This post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details: http://www.mobilenations.com/external-links

Hexlogic - Leave Me Alone [Silk Music]

Ukrainian producer Hexlogic is back on our imprint with a brand new 2-track EP, "Geany," featuring two captivating deep and progressive house tracks. Download or Stream: http://silkmusic.lnk.to/SILKM127 Enjoy Silk's Latest on Spotify: http://bit.ly/SilkSpotifyNew ▼ Follow Silk Music: » Spotify: http://bit.ly/SilkSpotify » Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/SilkBandcamp » YouTube: http://bit.ly/SilkMusicTV » Facebook: http://bit.ly/SilkFacebook » SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/SilkSoundCloud » Twitter: http://bit.ly/SilkTwitter --- Visit our website: http://www.silk-music.com Want some new merchandise? http://www.silk-music.com/store --- ▼ Follow Hexlogic: http://soundcloud.com/hexlogic http://facebook.com/hexlogicmusic --- ▼ Release Tracklist: 01 Hexlogic - Geany 02 Hexlogic - Leave Me Alone

Skylanders Imaginators (NIntendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

This is a review of Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch by 8-Bit Eric. Skylanders Imaginators is the latest toy-powered game from Activision where you unlock characters with beautifully-crafted physical plastic figures, for the first time in the series, you can create your own skylanders. Each created Skylander requires a creation crystal of the element type that you need. The creation system is surprisingly robust, with all kinds of customisation options available to the player. Seriously it is pretty impressive with how much options you have to make the type of neat little skylander you want to control. These crystals cannot be erased and used again completely, you also cannot change your created skylanders battle class. Chests in the game give you new body parts for your created Skylanders as well as new voices, weapons and body builds to play around with. Your creations can be customised and changed on-the-fly. The Senseis, which are more traditional figures that use of Sky Chi to do massive damage and also gate the 10 Sensei bonus levels. Buy the Starter Pack and you have everything you need to complete the game and create one character of your own. It comes with Master King Pen, one Creation Crystal, and Golden Queen. King Pen is, as you may have surmised, a character based on a penguin who packs a cool bladed attack. Golden Queen looks like an Egyptian queen and is also enjoyable to use. The Creation Crystal is used to store your custom Skylander. You can also use any of your existing Skylander characters with the game to help you progress, the Switch edition doesn't include the Superchargers racing levels so you can't use your vehicle or trap toys there. Kinda sucks, means you can’t use the bowser or DK figures. Skylanders Imaginators is unique on the Switch for not using a portal peripheral to access your characters. You simply place them on the right Joy-Con's NFC touch point and they’ll be registered in the game, permanently. Then you can switch between any of your Skylanders at will by pausing and selecting the one you want. It is noticeably inferior to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions in its visual presentation. When played while docked, it looks great with a pretty steady framerate, though not anywhere near as dense and vibrant as the Playstation 4 version. The game looks much softer and actually somewhat blurry when played un-docked. Aside from those differences, the Switch version is more or less the same exact game that came out in October 2016. Subscribe to 8-Bit Eric ► http://bit.ly/1SujXqu Subscribe to my SECOND channel! ► http://bit.ly/1WLK6qQ DISCORD GROUP: https://discord.gg/mEH2KBs CHECK ME OUT ON VID.ME: https://vid.me/8biteric Interested in joining a YouTube Network? Join Screenwave Media! I can help you out: https://goo.gl/forms/ggrr74UNHAhCBYfW2 SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! Help the show become better with a monthly contribution and receive access to exclusive videos, outtakes, extras and more! ► http://bit.ly/1XrXsXI PAYPAL SUPPORT! Want to send a one time contribution towards show production? Or just as a virtual tip? ► https://www.paypal.me/8biteric CHECK OUT MY PODCAST! ChodeCast on iTunes ► http://apple.co/1T09gz0 Subscribe to ChodeCast on YouTube! ► http://bit.ly/25VDpqq GET SOCIAL WITH ME! 8-Bit Eric Twitter ► http://twitter.com/the8bitericshow 8-Bit Eric Facebook ► http://facebook.com/the8bitericshow 8-Bit Eric Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/8bitericshow/ 8-Bit Eric Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/the8bitericshow CHECK OUT FINALBOSSES.COM Exclusive content you can't see anywhere else! FinalBosses Website ► http://www.finalbosses.com WANT TO SEND ME SOMETHING? Please address it to: 8-Bit Eric PO Box 648 Somerset TX 78069 About 8-Bit Eric: The 8-Bit Eric Show is a YouTube channel presented by 8-Bit Eric, focusing on video games. Presenting you a unique blend of modern gaming and game hardware reviews, previews, and looking back at classic and retro games! Your favorite Nintendo, SNES, Genesis, Atari, Playstation and more video games will be covered here! Like this video? Check out and subscribe for other 8-Bit Eric episodes about classic and hard to find games! Music: Jason Hooft http://sickids.bandcamp.com/ Kevin MacLeod http://www.incompetech.com Audiomicro http://www.audiomicro.com All images, music and footage licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Review

The final verdict on the biggest Wii U game of 2014.

cub takes a look at the PC release of Hexologic, a hexagonal take on the classic Sudoku formula.
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Note: According to the dev, the crashes I described in the video have been fixed.

Written Review: https://cublikefoot.com/2018/05/29/hexologic-actual-game-review/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cublikefoot
Website: http://cublikefoot.com/
Steam Curator: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/3215371/
Contact: https://cublikefoot.com/contact/

Steam Page: http://bit.ly/cubHEXO

Description (From Steam):
Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Hexologic. Solve challenging, yet rewarding puzzles, listen to relaxing music, dive deep into the game’s atmosphere and fall in love in with Sudoku again!

I was provided a free review copy of the game in order to make this review.
Read more about how I do my game reviews here: https://cublikefoot.com/about-my-reviews/

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