Bioshock 1 Remastered Gameplay Part 6 (HD 1080P/PS4 Pro)

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Bioshock ~ All Bosses

All bosses from Bioshock done on hard difficulty without the use of medkits. Also, i'm not dead just busy. Timestamps: Dr. Steinman - 0:03 Big Daddy - Bouncer (Miniboss) - 2:15 Big Daddy - Rosie (Miniboss) - 3:45 Peach Wilkins - 4:52 Martin Finnegan (Miniboss) - 7:00 Elite Big Daddy - Bouncer (Miniboss) - 8:43 Silas Cobb (Miniboss) - 10:02 Hector Rodriguez (Miniboss) - 11:45 Sander Cohen (First Opportunity) - 12:28 Elite Big Daddy - Rosie (Miniboss) - 15:19 Sander Cohen (Second Opportunity) - 16:54 Frank Fontaine - 17:29

BioShock: Good and Bad Ending HD

Spoiler Alert: The ending of BioShock, this will ruin the game for you if you haven't played it through on both endings. The good and Bad ending.

Bioshock Remastered Part 3 Obtain Incinerate Plasmid Ability

What's up everybody! :) This is Part 3 of my Walkthrough of Bioshock Remastered! Bioshock Remastered The Collection

Uncharted 4 | PS4 VS PS4 PRO | GRAPHICS COMPARISON | Comparativa

Diferencias mínimas. Las únicas mejoras que podemos apreciar en la versión Pro de Uncharted 4 son una resolución más alta (en esta ocasión 1440p con downsampling) además de la mejoras de distancia de dibujado en algunos escenarios del juego.

Bioshock's Top 11 Plasmids and Vigors

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I decided to cover the entire bio-shock collection game by game starting with first game going in order.
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Captured: PS4 Pro

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