Norwegian Spring Trip by car in the Mountains of Norway - Norway 2017 Spring

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Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains, and Bergen

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | For Scandinavia's most thrilling sightseeing, we sail under towering fjord cliffs, hike on powerful glaciers, and find surviving traditions in remote farm hamlets. Then we delve into the Hanseatic heritage and enjoy the salty hospitality of Norway's historic capital, Bergen. © 2010 Rick Steves' Europe

Dangerous Norway's Atlantic Ocean Road

Incredible Road Trip Across Norway (Oslo to Bergen)

We spent an amazing week traveling from Oslo to Bergen in Norway. I daily vlogged the trip and those videos can be found on my channel, but I also wanted to make this travel movie about our adventure. We saw the most incredible landscapes and loved all Norway has to offer from fjords, to wildlife, to endless beautiful drives. Norway is highly recommended as a place to visit!

Norway’s tips for achieving happiness | DW English

Norwegians are on average the happiest people in the world. What‘s their secret? It has to do with a high living standard, a life close to nature and a generally constructive attitude. More Euromaxx:

Rescue operation of 5 trapped orcas in a bay in Norway!!!

The 02nd of May a pod of orcas entered a bay in Brønnøysund in Norway. A lot of local people did enjoy their visit, until someone believed they where trapped... Norwegian Orca Survey did travel to the area to observe these animals the 10th of may. After watching and collecting data, we realised that they were trapped, with no / or very limited amount of food resource. We did travel 700km back home to start to work on a rescue plan....then the 17th of may we want back, 30 local boats, 16 kayaks and lots of other people wanted to help, an amazing response from the local community!!! The 20th of may the rescue plan did start, and after 4-5 hours of effort, we could celebrate the orcas returning to the open sea!!! We send a huge thank you to all the people involved!!!! Look at the movie to see the final minutes of the orcas finally leaving their

Norwegian Spring Trip by car in the Mountains of Norway - Norway 2017 Spring.
Driving to Røldal, Norway by car, spring May 2017. Still some snow in the mountains.
Norway Nature!

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