Five good reasons to buy the PS4 instead of the Xbox One

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With the next generation just around the corner it's time for that all important question: Which console are you going to buy first? Yes, we just made the assumption that you are hardcore enough to end up with both eventually. Here a five good reasons to pick the PS4 over the Xbox One.

5. Better Design

The look of a console might not seem important to you but it is. Think about it: you'll be looking at this box for a number of years even if it's tucked away under your television. Now compare the sleek PS2-style look of the PS4 with the old fashioned VCR-design of the Xbox One. Yup PS4 wins this one hands down.

4. Lower price

Now this one is easy. The PS4 is a hundred euro or dollars cheaper than the Xbox One. We know Microsoft is packing in the Kinect but we prefer Sony's way of making the Playstation Eye optional and lowering the price tag. The softer approach that Sony has taken stands out due to giving the gamer a choice.

3. Indie support

Sony have reaffirmed their dedication to indie developers at E3 by giving them the freedom to self publish on the PS4. This means we'll be seeing a lot of indie love on the Playstation 4. Microsoft focus on big indie titles like Minecraft and World of Tanks pales in comparison to the 35 announced indie games on the PS4.

2. More powerful hardware

Now this is a controversial one but the general consensus seems to be that Sony has the more powerful box. It has a better GPU and faster memory compared to the Xbox One although Microsoft could boost the performance with cloud computing. We'll just have to wait and see if games will look and run better on the PS4 but on paper it seems like Sony definitely has the edge here.

1. It's gamer focused

If you like the idea of talking and gesturing to your console, or if you're into live sports and TV in a big way, the Xbox One is probably the console for you. But if you're like us and couldn't care less about any of that stuff, you should probably go with a PS4. It seems like Sony is providing the more purist gaming machine this time around with lots of hardcore exclusives that are meant to be played with a controller.

Please let us know which console you are getting later this year in the comments below. And keep in mind that we don't hate the Xbox One and we'll be giving it fair chance when it comes out later this year. It's just that the PS4 seems to be the more attractive option at the moment. Anyway, we would love to hear your opinion on the new console war, so have at it!

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