DIFESA PERSONALE - STS - Professional Close Combat Training for Police and Military

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Learn Self Defense with Fred Mastro

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Gadget stupefacenti per autodifesa

Gadget stupefacenti per autodifesa I gadget più necessari per l'autodifesa. Invenzioni incredibili per proteggersi. Armi e invenzioni per protezione. Che invenzione È piaciuta di più? Scrivi nei commenti. Dazzeler :http://www.dazzeler.com/ MecArmy SGN7 Buzzer :https://www.mecarmyusa.com/products/mecarmy-sgn7-buzzer-personal-alarm-edc-flashlight?variant=31406699788 Yellow Jacket :https://yellowjacketcase.com/ Bow2Tie :http://bow2tie.com/ Guard Dog Electra :https://guarddog-security.com/electra-pink Schrade SCHF54 Push Dagger :https://www.knifecenter.com/series/schrade-knives/schrade-push-daggers LifeCard 22LR :http://www.trailblazerfirearms.com/products/ Gerber Tactical Pen :https://www.gerbergear.com/Equipment/Pens/Tactical-Pen_31-001880 Blast knuckles :http://www.psproducts.com/products/zap-blast-knuckles-950000-volt-stun-gun/ Gotcha cap :http://hanover-toolbox.com/html/product.html Guard Dog Bulletproof Backpack :https://guarddog-security.com/practical-bulletproof-backpacks Para-Claw :https://www.outdooredge.com/products/para-claw Gerber edc money clip :https://www.gerbergear.com/Knives/Fixed/GDC-Money-Clip_31-002521 Monkey Fist self defense keychain :https://monkeyarmor.com/ Pepper Spray :https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004NKSPR8/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=ama5323-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B004NKSPR8&linkId=22403f15fe93ff8c19c6815f96258737 Schrade T-Handle Knife - https://www.btibrands.com Mantis Knives Vicious Circle: http://amzn.to/2vqW5ln the pixel smith josh A weston - https://www.etsy.com/listing/522389596/hidden-wallet-wrist-cuff-sheath-with?ref=shop_home_feat_3 path of orion vampire bat brass - http://kilroysattic.blogspot.com/2012/06/path-of-orion.html JHO Knives Nug - https://jho-knives.com/ ZAP Blast Knuckles- https://goo.gl/GaQ92t Sabre Red- https://www.sabrered.com/ UDAP BACK ATTACK PACK - www.bearspray.com Fast Strike - http://faststrikedefense.com/ Pocket AR - https://goo.gl/AxPWPs Bowen Belt Knife :https://www.bowenknife.com/shop/ Gotcha cap - http://hanover-toolbox.com/html/gallery.html MecArmy SGN7 Buzzer - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mecarmyusa/mecarmy-sgn7-buzzer-personal-alarm-and-keychain-fl?ref=discovery Yellow Jacket - https://yellowjacketcase.com/ Bow2Tie - http://bow2tie.com/ Guard Dog Electra - https://guarddog-security.com/electra-pink Gadget stupefacenti per autodifesa ====================================================== ISCRIVITI e guarda i nostri ALTRI video: I gadget più incredibili che vale la pena vedere - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP_WxRVBWSY Dispositivi e invenzioni incredibili per gli agricoltori - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtNcbqHgna8&t=2s Stupende idee di decorazione per la tua casa - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBW7TChq5M0&t=4s #Tech #Tecnologia #Gadget #Invenzioni #Compilation #Video #TechBox La musica nel video: Gunnar Olsen - The End Is Near Diamond Ortiz - I Did That Freedom Trail Studio - We Could Reach Geographer - Watch Me Jingle Punks - Dub Spirit Jingle Punks - Echinoderm Regeneration Bruno E. - 1973 Biz Baz Studio - Action Time Hanu Dixit - Requiem In Cello Jason Farnham - Get Outside Midnight North - Take Me to the Depths MK2 - Far Away Quincas Moreira - Scratch the Itch Jingle Punks - Soft Jingle Punks - Ditch Diggin Jingle Punks - Do It Right Jingle Punks - Cataclysmic Molten Core Jingle Punks - Sound Off Midnight North - Sunny Looks Good on You Tech box - video sul tema: gadget, moderne tecnologie, avanzate invenzioni, smart robot, automobili uniche, le più recenti innovazioni, tecnologie militari, telefoni cellulari, computer portatili, dispositivi, smartphone, tablet, auto elettriche, futuro motociclette, muscle cars, roadster, i trasformatori, i Droni, quadrocopters, dispositivi digitali, realtà virtuale, smart home, macchine e tutto ciò che riguarda la tecnologia. Questo libro risponderà a tutte le tue domande https://books.allatra.org/en/kniga-allatra

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to escape the Full Nelson

Krav maga technique. Wrestling technique: Full Nelson (Double Nelson - Nelson Hold) escaping. Life is not WWE, don't be bullied! How to escape the Full Nelson Hold. Starring: Luca Goffi • Brescia (Italy)

KMKC3 krav maga close combat FRANCE pour gardes du corps , contractors et militaires

Techniques de désarmement sur agressions ou menaces d'armes à feu pour un public professionnel ( contractors , gardes du corps , militaires et forces de l ordre )

Spetsnaz - Hand To Hand Combat

Spetsnaz Vityaz (604 Center Special Purpose) - Win Yourself , You Will Be Invincible. The detachment was originally designed as anti-terrorist unit. "Vityaz" regularly conducts operations to counter-terrorism patrols on the border of Chechnya and the Caucasus In addition, soldiers are trained to prevent disorder in prisons. More than 70 soldiers of the detachment were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation for courage and heroism. In the 70 years due to the increasing incidence of terrorism in Europe there is a need to have military units designed to perform a specific task responsible for the fight against terror. The Interior Ministry of the OCH, it was decided to establish a part of operative division of internal troops of the special units of permanent combat readiness, military personnel which would have special training to counter terrorism and other illegal activities. In early 1978, work began on the formation and training of training company for special purposes (OCH). Set conscripts for this division was carried out from among the best athletes ODON solely on a voluntary basis. The first operation, entrusted company, has been providing security at the Olympic Games in Moscow (1980). In 1991 he was created a special purpose detachment "Vityaz". During the formation of the experience gained in OCH and similar units in Russia. The idea to take the exam on the right to wear the beret was also born in the "Vityaz". The first commander "Vityaz" Sergey Lysyuk together with other officers developed criteria for special examinations, physical and tactical training, which are held in all divisions of the Interior troops so far. "Vityaz" took part in the resolution of international conflicts that occurred on the territory of the former USSR. Together with a group "A" of the in 1989 conducted a unique special operation to storm the temporary detention facility of Sukhumi, where riots broke out. In 1994-1996. participated in the disarmament of illegal armed formations in Chechnya. In 1996, the group participated in the battle near the village of Pervomaisky. In 1999-2003. the group participated in many counter-terrorism operations in the North Caucasus. Also, "Vityaz" took an active part in special operations to eliminate the warlords in Chechnya. In November 2002, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the opening ceremony of the monument to the soldiers of internal troops handed Gold Star of the Hero of Russian parents fighter detachment "Vityaz" Sergey Burnaeva, who died in the performance of military duty in Chechnya and award prizes posthumously. In October 2002, a detachment "Vityaz" in conjunction with other special units of the Federal Security Service and the Interior Ministry of Russia took part in a special operation to eliminate the terrorists who seized hostages in the Dubrovka theater. The detachment also participated in the anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya. Vityaz former glory regained in the operation to force Georgia to peace in 2008,now Spetsnaz Vityaz fights against of terrorists in the North Caucasus. They have the following tasks: Participation in the disarmament and the elimination of illegal armed groups, organized criminal groups, the suppression of mass disorders accompanied by armed violence, the withdrawal of the population illegally held weapons; Participation in the suppression of acts of terrorism; Participation in the removal of individuals who have seized hostages, important state facilities and special cargoes, facilities for communications, as well as buildings of state authorities; Participation in ensuring security officials and citizens of the Russian Federation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Detachments Of Special Purpose National Guard of Russia: 604 TSSN "Vityaz", Moscow 7th OSN "Rosich", Novocherkassk 12th OSN "Ural", Nizhny Tagil 15th OSN "Vyatich", Armavir 17th OSN "Edelweiss", Mineralnye Vody 19th OSN "Ermak", Novosibirsk 21th OSN "Typhoon", Khabarovsk 23th OSN "Obereg", Chelyabinsk 25th OSN "Mercury", Smolensk 26th OSN "Bars", Kazan 27th OSN "Kuzbass", Kemerovo 28th OSN "Ratnik", Arkhangelsk 29th OSN "Bulat", Ufa 33th OSN "Peresvet", Moscow 34th OSN, Grozny 35th OSN "Rus", Simferopol

ANS - SPECIAL TRAINING SERVICE (Professional Department of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation) Extreme armed and unarmed combat training for Police and Military - Tecniche di corpo a corpo militare professionale per Corpi di Polizia e Forze Armate

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