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Top 10 Best Condenser Mics From Every Budget Click here for more in depth information and where to find the best prices for the condenser mics in this video! I have been writing and recording music for nearly 2 decades. Condenser mics have always been my favorite all around mics to record with. They are versatile and can be used over a broad set of applications. If you’re searching for a condenser mic to record vocals, guitar amps, podcasts, drums, or anything else, you have come to the right video! I know what it’s like to be looking for a condenser mic on a budget, which is why I have created this video. I wanted to help you in your search for the best condenser mic that fits your budget. This video shows the best condenser mics in every price range, so if your budget is $100 or $1,000 I have found, what I believe, to be the perfect condenser mic for you! Under $100: Audio-Technica AT2020 Buy: $100 - $200 Budget: AKG P420 Buy: $200 - $300 Budget: Rode NT1-A Buy: $300 - $400 Budget: AKG C214 Buy: $400 - $500 Budget: MXL GENESIS Buy: $500 - $600 Budget: Akg C314 Buy: $600 - $700 Budget: Neumann TLM 102 Buy: $800 - $900 Budget: AKG C414 XL II Buy: $900 - $1,000 Budget: Shure KSM44A Multi-Pattern Buy: $1,000 - $2,000 Budget: Neumann TLM 49 Buy: Please let me know what your favorite condenser mic is in the comments section below! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Oneplus 6 Full Review with Pros & Cons After 3 weeks of Usage

Oneplus 6 review with it's Pros & Cons after using it for more than 3 weeks as my primary smartphone and I also include camera samples so is the OnePlus 6 still the best smartphone in India at around Rs 35,000? Find out in this review. Check out Mivi Thunderbeats Bluetooth headphones: 15% discount Coupon code: GEEKYRANJIT15 Oneplus 6 real camera review Oneplus 6 is officially sold in India via

Best Microphones for Video ($0-$500)

Links to recommended mics for YouTube & Vlogging: * Rode Videomic Pro on Amazon * Rode SmartLav+ on Amazon * Zoom H1 on Amazon * Rode SmartLav+ SC3 on Amazon * Sennheiser EW100-G2 on Amazon * Sennheiser EW100-G3 on Amazon * Sennheiser ME-2 on Amazon * Blue Yeti on Amazon * Rode Broadcaster on Amazon * Shock mount on Amazon * Acoustic Foam on Amazon * M40x headphones on Amazon * M50x headphones on Amazon SUBSCRIBE and like Buy the #1 book with 14+ HOURS of video on Amazon: Worldwide use 10% off coupon 'YouTube': Lightroom video book $10 on Amazon: Photoshop video book $10 on Amazon: Photography Buying Guide on Amazon: Worldwide use 10% off coupon 'YouTube': STARTER CAMERAS: Basic Starter Camera ($280 used at Amazon): Canon T3 Better Starter Camera ($500 at Amazon): Nikon D5300 Better Travel Camera ($500 at Amazon): Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II LANDSCAPE CAMERAS: Good ($550 at Amazon): Sony a6000 Better ($1,400) at Amazon: Nikon D5500 & Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Best ($3,150) at Amazon: Pentax K-1 & Pentax 24-70 f/2.8 PORTRAIT CAMERAS: Beginner ($950 at Amazon): Canon T6i & Canon 50mm f/1.8 Better ($3,000 at Amazon): Nikon D610 & Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 Best ($5,300) at Amazon: Nikon D810 & Nikon 70-200 f/2.8E WILDLIFE CAMERAS: Starter ($1,100 at Amazon): Canon 7D & Canon 400mm f/5.6 Great ($3,200 at Amazon): Nikon D500 & Nikon 200-500 f/5.6 VIDEO CAMERAS: Beginner ($500 at Amazon): Panasonic G7 & Panasonic 14-42mm Better ($1,400 at Amazon): Panasonic GH4 & Panasonic 14-140 f/3.5-5.6 Best ($4,300 at Amazon): Panasonic GH5 & Metabones Speed Booster XL & Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 & Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 DRONES: Beginner ($400 at Amazon): DJI Phantom 3 Travel ($1,000 at Amazon): DJI Mavic Pro Better Image Quality ($1,500 at Amazon): DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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Zhiyun Smooth Q 3 axis Gimbal Unboxing and Review India 2017 | Best Budget 3-Axis Gimbal for Smartphone 2017 India | Awesome 3-axis Stabilizer for Smartphones | Shoot Cinematic Videos with your phone using Zhiyun Smooth Q 3 axis handheld Gimbal | Shoot Professional Videos with Phone using Smooth Q Gimbal. Links ( Buy here ) ~ Zhiyun Store -- Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal -- Zhiyun Website -- Thanks for watching my video,hit the thumbs up if you liked it and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more Awesome content. Don't forget to checkout my other videos. Follow Me On ~

SPY GADGETS in REAL LIFE - $20,000 EBAY MYSTERY BOX Challenge Unboxing Haul!

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Best Low Budget Mic under 1.5K range.
Clip-on lapel microphone for Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, tablets,and other audio/video recording devices
Omni-directional Condenser Microphone
Excellent for interviews
Each Mic Routes to Discrete Channel
Improved Sensitivity and Signal-to-Noise
Includes carrying pouch

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