PZEM-061 vs Cheap power inverter (not sine wave)

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Ваттметры PZEM-031, PZEM-021, PZEM-004

1. Ваттметр PZEM-031 - https://megabonus.com/y/mnTSj 2. Ваттметр PZEM-021 - https://megabonus.com/y/31fEo 3. Ваттметр PZEM-004 - https://megabonus.com/y/R0BZV Мой термостойкий силиконовый коврик обслуживания - https://megabonus.com/y/uSgkN Большой Силиконовый коврик обслуживания - https://megabonus.com/y/GZVJ9 Цветной термостойкий силиконовый коврик обслуживания - https://megabonus.com/y/Kmz8h Ссылка для экономии во многих интернет магазинов - https://megabonus.com/?u=446281 ИНСТРУКЦИЯ ПО НАСТРОЙКЕ 1-опция. Кратковременное нажатие на кнопку - включает и выключает подсветку прибора. Подсветка обладает памятью, при включении прибора, подсветка, остается в том же состоянии, в котором была при выключении. 2-опция. Длительное нажатие на кнопку, около 3 секунд (на экране загорается SET CLr) – установка порога максимальной мощности, по превышении которого, дисплей начинает мигать, при этом, в левом нижнем углу будут поочередно мигать соответствующие регистры (через 3 секунды). Нажатием кнопки увеличиваем или уменьшаем лимит мощности до требуемого значения. Для выхода из опции нажмите и удерживайте кнопку около 5 секунд. 3-опция. Длительное нажатие на кнопку (более 5 секунд) – сброс показаний затраченной энергии. Показания энергии начинают мигать, для сброса нужно кратковременно нажать кнопку. Регистрация для экономии в интернет магазинах - https://megabonus.com/?u=446281

Reliable Electric 800W inverter - has NO integrated ground to neutral bound

PZEM-061 AC Panel Meter Wiring

How to wire up a Peacefair PZEM-061 AC panel meter. There are two pair of wires to connect the panel meter to your load. First you want to be sure and connect the two wires from the current transformer (CT) to the marked terminals on the back of the meter. This way you are sure they are connected to avoid damage to the meter or CT. You'll then run one of the load wires through the CT to sense the current in that wire. The other two terminals are connected to the live and neutral wires powering the load. Note that you are wiring the panel meter in parallel to the load, not in series. The two wires are simply there to sense the voltage going to the load as well as provide a small amount of power to operate the meter. And that's it, the meter will now sense voltage and current flowing into the load. There's no polarity on either the CT or voltage wires, just make sure to get those wires connected to the proper terminals. The meter seems to read fairly accurate current, 0.34 amps by the meter and 0.344 amps by my clamp on ammeter. Panel meter review video: https://youtu.be/8X0eyY7TcM4 Cliff QuickTest review video: https://youtu.be/pFY22kP61NU Be sure to rate, comment and share. And as always, thanks for watching! SOUNDTRACK: Lousiana Fairytale by Austin Rogers http://drfiddle.com/show_tune.php?id=94

Como Instalar Contador Eléctrico Digital en Casa PZEM-061 0-100A AC80-260V

► Podrá encontrar este artículo en nuestra web en en el siguiente enlace: ► http://electroinformaticaxxi.com/material-electrico/1015-contador-electrico-potencia-activa-pzem-061-voltimetro-amperimetro-0-100a-ac80-260v-control-de-consumo-0711463670128.html Atención al cliente: info@electroinformaticaxxi.com 953 755 996 - 610 839 633 http://www.electroinformaticaxxi.com ► Materiales para cría de Aves, Accesorios Incubadoras, Nacedoras y Terrarios: ► http://electroinformaticaxxi.com/34-accesorios-incubadoras Atención al cliente: info@electroinformaticaxxi.com 953 755 996 - 610 839 633 http://www.electroinformaticaxxi.com SIguenos en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectroInformaticaXXI Siguenos en Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElectroInfoXXI Siguenos en Google Plus: https://goo.gl/ORNSgC Kat and Tanner de Twin Musicom está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artista: http://www.twinmusicom.org/

Quest for Zero, (a.k.a. PZEM-021) Part 4

Let's take a closer look at the internal modification to power the meter off a separate line voltage. While it's possible to lift the input capacitor leg off the PCB and feed it with a separate voltage, realize that the "ground" or "neutral" side of that voltage is shared with the load. There is no way to separate that neutral side of the circuit, so the neutral connection is shared. If you had say a light dimmer or motor speed controller controlling your load, you could power the meter off the line voltage feeding that controller and then sense the output of that controller with the meter, as long as there is a common or neutral connection between the controller and the load. If the load is completely isolated from the input of the controller, this mod. will likely not work. The plan is to separately power the AC panel meter from the isolated line connection inside the power supply so that the meter can read clear down to 0 volts. Doing this complicates the installation as it now matters which connections are line and which are neutral. We'll be powering the meter off the 120V terminal on the Variac, the neutral will come off the 0V terminal on the Variac and the "line" connection will be the variable output terminal on the Variac. Wiring diagram: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B89_DmuFw50kdGdzaGlzQURhMUk Original PZEM-061 AC panel meter install in the Tenma 72-1098 variable isolated AC power supply: https://youtu.be/ic4kWdZMdfE I plan on replacing the 0-100A PZEM-061 meter with a separately powered 0-20A PZEM-021 meter: https://youtu.be/rqJuSeKJ5ME Jim Conner's variable power supply and meter installation: https://youtu.be/wXuj5IsYkXI To be continued, next video we'll see if this modified meter actually works: https://youtu.be/ZQH6uzshk1Y Be sure to rate, comment and share And as always, thanks for watching SOUNDTRACK: Louisiana Fairytale by Austin Rogers http://drfiddle.com/show_tune.php?id=94

AC digital multi-function meter PZEM-061.
Very decent and well made device, but can it function properly on
modified sine wave power source? Let's find out!

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