Crypto News Mar 13th, 2018 (Binance Chain, Genesis Mining, BitGrail)

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Types of prospects in Network marketing II Network marketing tips

In this video you will get to know types of prospects you will find in your network marketing journey and how to deal with them. To join network marketing business please contact :9818004884 BOOKS Copy cat marketing book : Questions are the answers : Network marketing book : Business of 21st century : Parable of pipeline : Think and Grow Rich : The Power of your Subconscious Mind : Rich Dad Poor Dad Jeet aapki by shiv khera : Power of positive thinking : Lakshya (Goals) : Soch badlo zindagi badlo : How to win friends and influence people : Bechna seekho aur safal bano : ACCESSORIES LAPTOP BAG : LAPTOP : FASTRACK WATCH : FASTRACK WATCH : JBL earphones : Wallets/purse : Formal shoes : Smart phone : photon tripod : I phone 7 plus : Track: Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette - Linked [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:

Should You Buy A used Mining Card for Gaming? The RX 580 Ex-Mining Card Experience

Now that used GPU prices are starting to drop (a little) should you consider a used mining card for your gaming PC? Hey folks, Celebration time!! AMD Cards are finally starting to trickle down in price.. Well sort of. Over the last couple of weeks - due to I assume the increasing volatility in crypto prices - I had been seeing more and more Polaris based RX cards surfacing online at lower - but still inflated prices. The lowest I have seen was a RX 470 4GB going for under £250 which is not exactly a bargin but you will start seeing a steady trickle of 4GB Polaris cards as they become less useful for mining. The one I came across which did really tickle my fancy was this. An RX 580 8GB for under £300. The same seller was also selling multiple other RX 580’s for the same price as well as a slew of RX 470 and 570’s for around £270.. As well as a Z270 setup with the cheapest Celeron Processor and multiple Gold and Platinum rated power supplies. A miner getting off the train before de-railment… So as is ever the case curiosity got the better of me… and I snapped up the RX 580 8GB for £280 thanks to a cheeky eBay voucher which was due to expire in a few days… Almost immediately trepidation set in as I looked at cards of similar ilk going for nearer £500… Would it even turn up? Would it be completely borked… would it be a rebadged GTX 650… Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

Genesis mining Tutorial - How to mine cryptocurrency and earn profit

How to mine Cryptocurrency with Genesis-mining? Genesis-mining is a cloud mining platform where you can buy Hash power in order to mine different cryptocurrency like: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash and monero. This platform is the leader of the cloud mining industry in the world, over 500000 investors have joined this platform since 2014 . 1-Description of the program : Join more than 500,000 people with this world leader in hash power! Genesis Mining is an online cloud-mining platform since 2014, it is a real mining company witch own huge mining farms in Iceland, where electricity is cheaper thanks to the geothermal and cold air required for the cooling of the machines. 1- What is cloud-mining ? Cloud mining allows you to earn crypto currency by renting the services of a mining farm, which saves you from having to mine with your own equipment, which would cost you a lot of electricity energy. How to do with the Genesis-Mining site? You rent hashing power (calculation for encryption) on a mining server. you don't need to have a computer or mining devices physical in your home. mining Contracts start from 50 euros. The site offers several offers: - Mininig all your Life of Bitcoin (Sha256) - Mining for two years of Ether (Ethash) - Mining for one year of Zcash (Zcash) - Miner for 2 years of the Monero (X11) For each of these offers you can choose your Hashpower ''the power of mining '' The higher it is, the more you will earn ! . 2- What is the profitability of Genesis Mining ? Here is the average profitability of a Genesis Mining contract to mine BTC. - Let's take a contract of $ 1000 = 7.5TH / s. - You receive 0.0025 BTC per day (based on my earnings) - What makes the current rate of $ 7.5 per day - Either $ 225 / month and $ 2700 / year - Conclusion = you have doubled your investment over in one year! Genesis Mining accepts the following methods of payment: - Bank transfers - credit card in USD / EUR - cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, litecoin, Dogecoin 3-Affiliation : You will earn money on all the investments of your affiliate Genies mining offer 2.5 % on all the investments of your affiliate with 8 level of career with a lot of bonus . 4- Information about payment : The payments are made every day on your wallet This cloud mining platform accept : - Bank transfers - credit card in USD / EUR - cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, litecoin, Dogecoin 5- Other information about the site : Alexa Ranking : 3694 Language of the site : English 6- My review about the site : This cloud mining is one of the few legit and real company with a real office in UK to mine cryptocurrency . Use code "5WFobf" and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining! To discover the best tricks and legit methods to earn money online enter in my blog: SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHERS VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! Let's Connect: Facebook: Twitter:


Sorry! This is a pretty rubbish video of content due to lack of whitepaper. But yeah here is Tron, a Crypto currency aiming to decentralise the entertainment industry and create web 4.0... Pretty ambitious I know... 🤩 Remember I am not a financial advisor and do your own research before investing! 🤩 👉 Buy my Crypto COURSE here! : 👉 Join the Crypto Mob for FREE: http://CryptoMob.UK 👉 Check out my website: 👉 Facebook: 👉 Twitter: 👉 Steemit:

March 2018: Is it a Good Time to Start Mining Cryptocurrency?

Many people are still looking at mining cryptocurrency. I give my opinion as to whether it's the right time to start mining crypto as of March 2018. Small error: I said I started mining in December 2018. That should be December 2017 :) Be sure to leave a comment below and give your opinion on this topic. Also, if you haven't already subscribed, please click the subscribe button so you stay up to date with my latest cryptocurrency videos. Kevin OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER IS OBVIOUS: I am not a financial advisor. My opinions are my own and it is the responsibility of everyone to do their research of every coin they invest in. Crypto Exchanges & Services ------------------------------------------------- CoinBase - Binance - Cryptopia - LiveCoin - HitBTC - NiceHash - --- Connect With Me --- Website: Twitter: Facebook: Google+:

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1) investment of money, 2) in a common enterprise, 3) let to expect profits, 4) solely from the effort of others


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