CITIES: SKYLINES - Natural Disasters Release Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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Cities Skylines PS4 Edition-Natural Disasters-Capítulo 1

Gameplay de este juego de construcción y gestión de ciudades, junto con el añadido de una serie de catástrofes naturales que nos pondrán las cosas aún más difíciles. Editado mediante SHAREfactory™

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Cities Skylines Console | DLC! | Natural Disasters Showcase

Hello everyone and welcome to a showcase of the Natural Disasters DLC on the console edition of Cities Skylines. Here, I demonstrate each of the disasters and showcase the damage that they do. For more cities skylines dlc and gameplay, be sure to subscribe! More videos on the recent patch/update, terraforming and water structures are coming soon.

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CITIES: SKYLINES - Natural Disasters Release Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


Cities: Skylines offers a new look at the classic genre of urban simulator. This game perfectly conveys the difficulties that arise before the mayor and allows creating a real metropolis

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