CITIES: SKYLINES - Natural Disasters Release Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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5 Things I Hate About Cities Skylines on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - Cities Skylines PS4 & Xbox One

5 Things I Hate About Cities Skylines on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Cities Skylines PS4 & Xbox One Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition and PlayStation 4 Edition puts you in charge of a growing city – from the ground-breaking of its first streets to the ever-changing needs of thousands of citizens. Design, build, and manage the city of your dreams, from public services to civic policies, and challenge yourself to grow from a simple town to a bustling metropolitan hub. Cities: Skylines is an award-winning, best-selling management game, now available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with all of its robust city-simulation gameplay and unique charm along for the ride. The Xbox One Edition and PlayStation 4 Edition includes the base game and the popular After Dark expansion, allowing players to plan and design for their cities’ nightlife and tourist attractions. Main Features: Build the city of your dreams: Plan road networks, bus lines and parks. Bring on a smog-filled industrial revolution or create a quiet beach town ideal for tourists powered by renewable energy. Bring education, healthcare and safety to your citizens. Build it your way! Multi-tiered and challenging simulation: Playing as the mayor of your city, you’ll be faced with balancing essential requirements such as education, water electricity, police, firefighting, healthcare and much more, along with your city’s economy. Citizens within your city react fluidly, keeping you on your toes with ever-evolving demands. Extensive local traffic simulation: Managing traffic and the needs of your citizens to work and play will require the use of several interactive transport systems – use careful road planning alongside buses, trains, subways, and much more. Districts and policies: Be more than just another city hall official! Create a car-free downtown area, assign free public transport to your waterfront, or ban pets in suburbia. Designate parts of your city as a district in order to set policy at the local level, and give different parts of town their own personalities. After Dark included: Watch your city become an entirely different place at night: a day-night cycle will have your citizens seeking out places to unwind after work. Add in new policies and zones to create popular hotspots and provide enough taxis and trains to get to and from the clubs!

Cities Skylines | New DLC Natural Disasters | XBOX PS4 | 05/15/2018

Welcome! 5/15/2018 Cities Skylines Console(XBOX/PS4) NATURAL DISASTERS DLC is finally here! Here we go over all of the buildings that are available with the new DLC! -------------------------------------------------------- Hello my name is GraveCinder and I play Cities Skylines for Console(Xbox One/PS4). I do live commentary, how to videos, tips/tricks, and tutorials for this amazing game! -------------------------------------------------------- Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel to get updates on your news feed when new videos come out, like the video to help it be spread to other Mayors, and comment with suggestions/tips! ------------------------------------------------------- Check out my Let’s Play Series here on YouTube - Connect with me on Twitter - Thank you for watching! - GraveCinder - -------------------------------------------------------- ================================================= CREDITS: Intro and Outro from Panzoid by Agar_ZeRTy Time Lapse Music and Other Music by Various Creators from Custom Thumbnails created with =================================================

New Beginnings / How to start your city right! (Tips + Tricks)- Cities: Skylines: Vanilla Bay, Ep. 1

In my Cities: Skylines (Parklife) Series "Vanilla Bay" I show you how you can build a good looking City with almost no mods! During the video you'll see many helpful tips and tricks for managing your city and money as well as making it look good and well integrated in the landscape:) I hope I can help you and give some inspiration^^ ________ Modlist (with graphical mods): Map: OWL's Anahita Pass Map Theme: LUT: Photographic LUT for After Dark ________ Music: Intro: Capital Bra - One Night Stand A Himitsu - Adventures THBD - Good For You DJ Quads - Those Nights ________ How to use the mods (videos): How to make your game realistic:

THE SAFEST CITY EVER BUILT! - Cities: Skylines Funny Moments

What do you get if you mix a ton of hospitals, police stations, and fire stations? Well, the safest city ever built of course!! Subscribe for more PC gaming: So Cities Skylines is an amazing game if you enjoy city building/ management games like the SimCity franchise. It's also a great game to try and break on purpose...which is what I decided to do today. So, what happens if you make a terrible city layout with congested highways and an over-abundance of police, fire, medical, and sanitation in it? Well, you get the "SAFEST CITY EVER BUILT" of course! I hope you guys enjoy this one, this funny moments video was a ton of fun to make after all! LINKS: Follow me on Vidme!: Follow me on Twitter!: Legal stuff: The S1Husky logo and some other various text elements utilize the "sector-034" font created by Neoqueto. The text in said elements were modified via photoshop, but the original font was not. This font is being used within the guidelines of the 'CC By-SA 3.0' Creative Commons 3.0 lisence of which it is available under:

Cleaning Pollution in Cities Skylines - City grows while pollution goes to almost zero. No Mods!

This video shows a city grow from about 16,000 to 20,000 population while shrinking average pollution from 5% to zero. I used this technique to get the Earthloving City Achievement on Steam. Also you get to see some high tech industry grow.

CITIES: SKYLINES - Natural Disasters Release Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


Cities: Skylines offers a new look at the classic genre of urban simulator. This game perfectly conveys the difficulties that arise before the mayor and allows creating a real metropolis

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