Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This...

Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at Check out the Thermaltake A500 case on Amazon at It’s a shame that so many of those dedicated mining GPUs are useless now, isn’t it? But even with no outputs, Chinese hackers made it so they can still game! Or have they… Buy a mining "GTX 1060" on Taobao: Buy a real GTX 1060: On Amazon: On Newegg: Discuss on the forum: Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Get Private Internet Access today at Linus Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Our Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Twitch - Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: iTunes Download Link: Artist Link: Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Incredibly Unusual Bullets People Have Made

Bullets are little pieces of metal that can be fired out of guns. At least, that’s what you probably thought they were. Here are some extra strange bullets you won't believe exist. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Legal Stuff. Unless otherwise created by BeAmazed, licenses have been obtained for images/footage in the video from the following sources: Primary Image Source – shutterstock Secondary Image Sources: Certain specific images sourced through: Reuters/Getty Background Video Source – videoblocks

How Many Pennies to Cast a Sword?

Check out Mel Chemistry and get 25% off with discount code "HTME": I melt down legal US currency down and cast it into a sword with the help of Greg, the sword casting guy ( || In This Video || Our Camera Gear: - GH4: - FS5: - Dracast Light Panels: - GoPro Hero 5: - Karma Drone: || SUBSCRIBE || YouTube Channel: || SUPPORT || Patreon - Spreadshirt - Special Thanks to our Patrons at $15 per month or higher: Sandy Riis, Stian Andreassen, Daniel Laux, Winfield Jones, Liz Roth, Antonio Rios-Ochoa, Jenny Wolf-Matte, Tim Reiche, Mats Nydesjö, Dylan Rich, Jason Lewis, Susan M. George, Stephen C Strausbaugh, Meinhard Absalon, Jason Kaczmarsky, Avinash Rajaraman, Andrew Nichols, Patrick Davis, Remi_Scarlet, Steven Ingles, Brett Moran, Skylar MacDonald || SOCIAL || Facebook: Twitter: (@HTMeverything) Instagram: || SERIES || Sandwich - Suit - Bottle - Thanksgiving Dinner - Root Beer Float - Book - Chocolate Bar - Coffee - Eyeglasses - Microscope and Telescope: How To Brew Everything: Meet The Makers - || ABOUT || Today, getting what you need is as easy as a trip to the store. From food to clothing, energy, medicine, and so much more, Andy George will discover what it takes to make everything from scratch. His mission is to understand the complex processes of manufacturing that is often taken for granted and do it all himself. Each week he’s traveling the world to bypass the modern supply chain in order to harvest raw materials straight from the source. Along the way, he’s answering the questions you never thought to ask. Music by the talented Taylor Lewin

The Legend of the Barrier Skip - The Holy Grail of Zelda speedrunning

I've been following Zelda speedrunning for a long time. When Barrier skip was found, I thought it deserved a video retrospective. Also, this newer video by Gymnast86 has some more information: WANT MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS? Check out SummoningSalt: His editing isn't this polished, but the videos are extremely well researched. MAKING OF: MUSIC CREDIT: "Salty Ditty" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License VIDEOS USED: Barrier Skip 101 Wind Waker HD Any% Speedrun in 1:56:03 (With Barrier Skip) [World Record] TWWHD: First Barrier Skip in a Any% Speedrun TWWHD Any% Speedrun in 1:35:57 TWWHD: Item Slide (Updated Tutorial) TWWHD Tutorials: Barrier Skip(Voice)(Difficulty: Medium) TWWHD: Any% (AD) World Record in 2:58:23 /with Barrier Skip Linkus dies on Ganon after the zombie hover actually works TWW: Barrier Skip The Wind Waker--Ganon's Tower Early The Wind Waker - Update on Barrier Skip 2016 Its Finally Over (Barrier Skip Proof) (Inputs Synced w/ Gameplay) Barrier Skip by LinkOscuro The Saddest Speedrun EVER? Wind Waker: Zombie Hover over Hyrule TWWHD: First Fairy Hover in a Any% Speedrun Wind Waker HD Barrier skip setup And a bunch of stuff from various peeps on Twitch.

I RUINED his brand new PC - ROG Rig Reboot 2018

Thanks to ASUS Republic of Gamers for sponsoring this video! Check out ASUS ROG at: YouTube: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ASUS Prime Z390A Website: Amazon: Newegg: Motherboard 2: Motherboard 3: ASUS Strix 2080 Ti Website: ASUS PG278QR Website: Amazon: Newegg: ASUS Ryujin CPU Cooler Website: Amazon: Newegg: ASUS Flare Keyboard Website: Amazon: Newegg: ASUS Gladius II Origin Website: Amazon: Newegg: ASUS Sheath Mouse Pad Amazon: Newegg: ASUS Strix Fusion 500 Website: Amazon: Newegg: Check out Nick's entry video here:

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