XBM Plays Marooners on Xbox One from M2H Games

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Test Xbox One : Marooners

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Marooners Xbox One Review | The Gaming X

We take on Marooners, the latest party game to join the xbox one! Marooners Xbox One Review Does this join the greats on the xbox one, nintendo switch or playstation 4 such as Mario Party or should you leave this one alone? Let's find out in our latest review! Check out TheGamingX channel Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlZ8k... Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/rw8NXV

Marooners Gameplay | PS4 XboxOne

Gameplay for Marooners on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Party games aren't as plentiful as they once were so here's a game that'll help fill the void. Marooners is a simple and silly party game that's sure to delight fans of fast-paced bite-sized mini-games so invite your chums over and let's try it out. Full review - https://videochums.com/review/marooners Video Chums brings you great video game reviews and fun top 10 lists for new and retro video games - http://videochums.com/

Marooners - Party Game// First 20 Minutes// Walkthrough// PS4

Hi Guys!! First 20 Minutes of this Party Game madness, is not a long game. For me it was really fun to play for the first time, the action of every mini map is just jumping, punch & run...it says 25 different games but feels like all are the same and I really didn't feel a big different between each other, check the video and get you own conclusions. Game Details: Play Party Mode and Arena Mode: 25 different games and arena maps, as you race for treasure in Party Mode or duke it out to see who will be king of the ring in Arena Mode. Whichever mode you pick, expect the unexpected!...if you die... come back as a ghost to haunt your friends.

First look at Vesta on Xbox One from FinalBoss Games

Vesta is a witty 6-year-old girl who lives in a desolate underground maze – the ruins of a once-bright city inhabited by humans and perfect machines. Although this world can be lonely, she is kept company by her friend BOT. It advises her and encourages her to do the tasks she is assigned, although it knows much more than it lets on. We took a first look at Vesta and was pleasantly surprised by its pick up and play. The cartoon style cut scenes were a nice addition and would easily recommend you try this out as its suitable for all ages. The game is out on 19th January for £11.99 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/Vesta/BTGS08KH3P6N Be sure to follow @eastasiasoft and @GamesFinalBoss on Twitter Ourselves on Twitter @XBM_Network mixer.com/xbm_network Feel free to subscribe to our channel and keep an eye out for more content soon!

Here is our hands on with Marooners on Xbox One from M2H Games.

In Marooners you get to play a wild mix of fun party games as the action regularly switches back and forth between games. Join your friends both on the couch and online while sadistically laughing at their misfortune, or come back to haunt them if you die. Run, jump and slap your way to victory!

Out now on the store for only £7.99 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/Marooners/BSSVQ12JCBNH

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