Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Farming Daimon

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Dragon's Dogma - Cool Skills

Compiled a bunch of skills i enjoy in this game. Not all of them by any means. List of skills in order was to lazy to type up... http://i.imgur.com/TiefQ.jpg Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lNightScope Twitter: https://twitter.com/NightScope2142 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Spiker-NightScope/ Weaboo List: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/NightScope2142

Dragon's Dogma Epic Golem Battle Fighter

Maelstrom makes everything look more epic even if it wasn't doing any damage in this fight. My sorc was basically there to make the whole fight look awesome with special effects. She's way too dumb to give her Exequay tho. If you look carefully you can see the poor girl running out of breath at the end.

Dragons Dogma - Lvl 74 Assassin Vs. Daimon (HARD MODE)

Dragons Dogma - Lvl 74 Assassin Vs. Daimon (HARD MODE) this is me taking on the big dog daimon and his 2 forms.

Dragon's Dogma - The Final Boss

I just wanted to share the true ending to Dragon's Dogma with you all! The game is wonderful, and I will DEFINITELY be challenging new game+!

Dragon's Dogma In 1 Hit

My name a Jeff : https://twitter.com/Inferbro Music - Darude Most of this video is abusing Periapts and making sure to land hits on weak spots. Also memes.

Assassin: Still Broken
I wasn't on his head in the first form but I couldn't be bothered moving. I could have killed him faster there. I also forgot to bring my Gloves of Might which increase climbing speed. Very helpful to save invisibility time.

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