Show & Tell: Oya Needle Lace Necklaces

author Jill Wiseman   5 мес. назад

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Ramblin' Roses Bracelet

Every spring I pull out this bracelet to help me celebrate the return of the flowers. It makes me so cheerful to have my entire wrist circled with beauty! The base of this bracelet is netting. You'll also learn how to make the vine, the individual flowers, and how to bring it all together. It is clasped using two snaps. The written instructions and/or kits are available for sale at: The necklace I'm wearing in the video is the Butterfly Kisses necklace, which can be found on my website as a kit, and the instructions are in my book, Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes, also available on my website. Click Here to get this kit

PLASTİK ÇATAL İLE İĞNE OYASI YAPIMI (D.I.Y) ** en yeni iğne oyaları***

Sevgili arkadaşlar bu videomuzda plastik çatal ile nasıl model yapılır anlatmaya çalıştık bu video yu daha önce çekmiştim yoğun istek üzerine yeniden ve yavaş olarak bir kez daha çektim kolay gelsin. en yeni iğne oyaları Daha yeni iğne oyası modelleri için video yu beğenip abonem olur musunuz?

How to do Needle Lace (Part 1/8)

The Lost Art of Armenian Needle Work: Part 1/8 Also known as Nazareth Lace, Bebilla, and Knotted Lace.

鎖編み ビーズクロッシェネックレスの作り方/広島 あとりえChikuTaku(ちくたくの手芸塾)

ちくたくの手芸塾 第15回目 鎖編みでネックレスを作ろう 編物初心者、手芸初心者でも出来ます。 金属アレルギーの方にもオススメ 材料 ビーズ6㎜ 28個 ビーズ4㎜A 42個 ビーズ4㎜B 42個 ラメ糸 (レース糸40番) (絹穴糸16号)など 道具 レース針4〜6号 ビーズ針 はさみ ほつれ止め (木工用ボンド) あとりえChikuTakuでもワークショップ開催しています。 あとりえChikuTaku 広島市南区東雲二丁目8-25 YouTubeチャンネル登録もよろしくお願いします。

FREE Project! Audrey Earrings

Classic design using a 12mm rivoli and a peyote bezel. Gorgeous earrings, but you could use them for a ring, a bracelet - play! Free PDF download is available at:

Learn all about Oya needlework traditions from Turkey. I was fascinate by the story and I think you will be too!

The necklaces I show you in the video can be found at: plus many more types of needle art! So gorgeous!!

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