Get 12-month Xbox Live code - setup xbox 360 controller on pc

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How to get free xbox 360 Games

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Jacob, Get Off The Xbox 360.

Follow me on Twitter! This is what halo 3, and an Xbox 360 does to little kids. I hope you enjoy this. Want To DownLoad This Video Check It Out Here!

[Tutorial] PLAY PS4 on ANY ANDROID phone! UPDATED APK 2017!

Ps4 Remote Play WORKING on ANY Android - 2018 NEW GUIDE! Playing Rocket League on my Android! ----------IT MAY DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE BECAUSE APP IS NO LONGER UPDATED. I'M WORKING FOR A NEW METHOD, STAY TUNED------- In this tutorial i show you how to play and control your ps4 with a simple app called REMOTE PLAY on your android smartphone. Remote Play APK: Subscribe for more! :D Ps4 Remote Play - Situation in 2018 Explained! FREE PS PLUS Easiest Method - 2018 Version Follow Me on Instagram:

How to Get Xbox Live - Xbox Live Gold Subscription Redeem Free Trial or Paid Code and Play Online

Xbox Live Gold Subscription here: 3 Months: 6 Months: 12 Months: If you want to play online with Xbox, you’ll need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. It comes in three, six and twelve month memberships and is available as an online code or physical card. Once you have your code, it’s easy to redeem and sign up. If you got the online code, your code would’ve been emailed to you. But if you have the physical card, the code is printed inside the card. Inside the card, gently scratch off the wax layer to reveal the code. Do it gently because I’ve heard of people scratching the printed numbers off the card making the card useless. Now on the Xbox, go to the store and select Xbox Live Gold. If you don’t have a code, you can still buy Gold with a credit card here. To use your Gold card, select the Redeem a Code tab. You’ll need to sign into your GamerTag that will have Gold added to it if you’re not already signed in. Now select Enter Code. This is where you will type in the redemption code. Using a Chatpad makes this step much easier. Once the code is complete, click A on the controller to confirm you want to redeem the code. And now you are subscribed to Gold! There are many benefits to being a Gold member. Not only can you play online with friends, you can download 4 free games a month and get discounts on popular game downloads. Before I go, you need to know this. You cannot buy Xbox Live Gold online with an Xbox Gift Card. So don’t buy a gift card to purchase Gold or don’t ask for a gift card with the intention of buying Gold. Many have found out the hard way. Just trying to save you some frustration! I hope you found this video helpful and if you did please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more how to videos and product reviews.

I converted my Lamborghini into an Xbox controller !

I connected my Lamborghini Aventador to my Xbox to play Forza 7. I have chosen the same spec for my in-game aventador Ahah. The sensation is incredible ! This is ultra realistic. The best simulator you can hope for. Follow me for my next video "How I mod my Lamborghini as an XBox controller" : My Instagram : My Facebook :


Get 12-month Xbox Live code


setup xbox 360 controller on pc
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