Reliable Electric 800W inverter - has NO integrated ground to neutral bound

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3000 Watt Reliable Electric Inverter, 48 VDC to 120 VAC

*Sponsored Video Reliable Electric manufactures this inverter. They reached out to me and asked me to make this video answering some common questions they receive. I've been using this inverter for the last 5 months, and it has been running my window AC all summer. Inverter: Circuit Breaker: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Reliable brand 3500w power inverter day 1 testing

I received in the mail today my 3500w pure sine wave power inverter. From reliable electric. I mounted and hard wired it. Running 12/2 ac to the box and 1/0 from my batteries. My batteries are about 5 feet away. I only have 6 used car batteries in 24v configuration there nothing special. I might have 2 to 4 hundred am hours in them. Now that being said my solar is minimal at the moment. I have 2 285 lg panels and 3 100w lg panels. They run down 2 separate lines with rectifier diodes on the line. My solar volts are about 70v and ruffly 20 to 30 amps peak. All that being said today I load tested this inverter until my batteries ran low about 5 hours on max load. I was running 1 1000w windowed ac a 1500w windowed ac 2 TVs 1 computer 1 laptop and 2 refrigerators. My watt meter only goes to about 2200w. It cut out after that. I was at 2200w when I turned on the other ac. That should have put me adout 3700w. Mind you this is a 3500w inverter. I'm pretty impressed. At no point did it get hot or have any issues. Tomorrow after work I'm going to try and see how far I can push it before the inverter reaches its max output and shuts off. I'd like to add I'm no expert and I'm open to all comments or help advice anyone can give me.. thank you for watching.

Inverters, How do they work ?

Inverters have taken a prominent role in the modern technological world due to the sudden rise of electric cars and renewable energy technologies. Inverters convert DC power to AC power. They are also used in Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Control of Electrical Machines and Active Power filtering. This video will explain how to get a pure sinusoidal electric power output from DC power input in a step by step logical manner. I thank Mr. Nachiketa Deshmukh for his extensive technical support in creation of this video. He is a Phd scholar at IIT Kanpur. Check out his Google scholar profile. Your support makes us sustainable, please do visit us at

Air Conditioning, Reliable Inverter, Off Grid, Solar and Batteries

I'm cooling my garage workshop with a small window AC running off of my DIY Powerwall. I have Chevy Volt batteries connected to a 3000 watt Reliable Inverter. This was able to handle the surge capacity from my 5000 BTU window air conditioner. I had charged this battery up to 47.9 volts using two of my LG solar panels. After running the AC all night the battery was down to 44.7 volts. Related videos: Charging batteries with solar: Heat Pump Fails: Reliable Inverter Install: Social Media: Website: Instagram: @davidpozenergy Facebook: Product Links: Reliable Inverter: Sony FDR-X3000 4k camera : “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

How NOT to Connect an Inverter to Your House Mains - Xantrex ProWatt Inverter part2

Part1 - A description and demonstration of a Xantrex ProWatt 600W inverter that I picked up recently. Part2 - In the 2nd part I use it to demonstrate a few things that get people into trouble when trying to use an inverter like this one to temporarily power things in their house.

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