Top 21 Upcoming VR Games in 2018 // New Virtual Reality Games 2018

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Meet the top 10 best VR games of the moment (2018) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -ROBINSON THE JOURNEY Compatible with HCT Live and Oculus Rift, this game takes us to a new world full of mysteries. -SKYRIM An epic fantasy adventure that explores new magical lands and ancestral dragons. -FARPOINT This game is located in a utopian world full of monstrous creatures that you will have to destroy. It is a struggle for survival. -ASSETTO CORSA Are you ready for the race? If you are a Formula 1 fan, this game is for you. -MORTAL BLITZ -RESIDENT EVIL VII Available for Play Station VR, this game takes terror to another level thanks to virtual reality. -STAR TREK BRIDGE CREW Be part of the Star Trek universe, in a virtual reality game that will put you in charge of the U.S.S Aegis and the crew. -ELITE: DANGEROUS Available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, in this game you will live a space adventure, in which you will have to gain skill and wealth to survive in the galaxy. -ARIZONA SUNSHINE Beware of zombies! This is a game that immerses us in the American Southwest, where you will have to survive post-apocalyptic times. -MINECRAFT: GEAR VR EDITION For all Minecraft fans came along the VR version, which in reality is still the Pocket Edition, only this time, it was adapted to virtual reality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Us: Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting Tops and Lists. Do not miss a single video SUBSCRIBE NOW. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Us: Facebook: Google+ : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For copyright matters, please contact us:

In development for PSVR | 11 New Upcoming Playstation VR Games

All the new games that have been announced to be in development for Playstation VR in the past few weeks. I'm not responsible for these games, just trying to keep you up to date. The new video with far more promising titles: For earlier 'In Development for PSVR' videos check out: The games: Beat Saber Day of Destruction Boxing Apocalypse Contagion VR: Outbreak (preview: ) Dragonblast VR Gloves of Glory Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis: Inner Thought Naked Sun (preview: ) Neon Fruit Attacks VR The Works of Mercy If you like this video please leave a comment or a like and consider sharing it on Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. It helps the channel a lot. And sign the petition for new controllers while you're at it: All retarded comments will be removed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSVR Games - PSVR Previews - PSVR Reviews - PSVR Gameplay

Top 10 Best Upcoming Oculus Rift Games of 2018

You can share your ideas with contacting us: Contact: Rzayev Gara: Nesrullayev Sabir: Subscribe AllGamesReview: Oficial Facebook page: Official Instagram Page: allgamesreview_official Other videos: ►Top 10 Best PC Games For Intel HD Graphics ►Top 10 Best Upcoming HTC Vive Games of 2018 ►Top 10 PC Games For 4GB RAM ►Top 10 Best Realistic Graphics Racing Games | PC/ PS4/ Xbox One ►Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for VR | HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift/ PS VR/ Google Daydream/ Gear VR ►Top 8 Best Racing Games of 2017-2018 ►TOP 10 BEST Medium Spec PC Games

Top 10 Best graphics PS VR games 2016/2017 | PS4 PSVR

We have recently seen a very solid content announcements from the PSVR. With an abundance of titles being announced by some of gamings big studios throughout the year. With so much exciting content coming to the PSVR platform, we thought we would put together a list of 10 of those games that we get really excited about. 10 - Resident evil 7 09 - Until Dawn Rush Of Blood 08 - Robo Recall 07 - Final Fantasy 15 VR 06 - Robinson The Journey 05 - Here They Lie 04 - EVE Valkyrie 03 - DriveClub VR 02 - Farpoint 01 - Batman Arkham VR Get Discounts & Cheap PC Games/PSN Cards/Xbox Live Cards and many more► Please share your thoughts and leave a comment also Subscribe Facebook page: Twitter Account:


I paid $1400AUD so I could get stabbed in the face repeatedly in my own home.. and it was worth it. [MUSIC] Mattia Cupelli Kevin Macleod -

Here are 21 amazing upcoming VR games in 2018 for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. The new VR games that we are looking forward to!
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