An ODST Army! (Halo Wars 2 Let's Play - Part 17 - Last Stand)

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Red Team - All Action Scenes (Halo Wars 1 and 2)

WATCH MORE HALO WARS 2 VIDS HERE: Follow GLP on Instagram: Follow GLP on Twitter! Like GLP on Facebook! Spartan Red Team is doing major damage in this game. Red Team consist of Douglas-042, Jerome-092 and Alice-130, Jerome might be my new favorite Spartan...... He's THAT real in Halo Wars 2... Our 2nd Channel, GLP TV - BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE:

Halo Wars 2 All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

MY THOUGHTS ON THE CAMPAIGN (SPOILER FREE) Halo Wars 2 is somewhat of a miracle to me. The first Halo Wars, while good, wasn't particular successful. If it were Halo Wars 2 would have been done long ago. Couple that with the waning popularity of RTS games, it came as a surprise when Halo Wars 2 was announced. I credit the incredible Halo fan base for applying enough pressure to finally make 343 and Microsoft greenlight the project. As far as console RTS games goes, these are probably the best controls you will ever get (We played the game on the Xbox one and not on PC) . The controls have improved since the first game. Everything feels smoother. In particular the ability to group up to 4 sets of units it's huge. As someone who put in thousands of hours in Red Alert 2, it was one of the biggest frustrations in Halo Wars 1. Now with the grouping, you can be much more strategic about your attacks and defenses. Although it does take some getting used to. You have to hold RT then hold down a button on the D-Pad to create a group. To choose a group you have also out down RT and but only tap the D-Pad. You'll find yourself mistakenly creating new groups in the heat of battle. It's frustrating, but understandable for a RTS on console. I will note that there were sometimes where the controls felt unresponsive, where I would click on units and they wouldn't follow my command. That was a rare occasion in the grand scheme of things, but seemed to happen 2 or 3 times a map. Not a huge deal but worth noting. The difficulty is on the easier side. On normal, we only ever had to restart a mission once because we wanted a fresh start. Other than that we rolled through the campaign. On Legendary, most missions are still on the easier side. They will take much longer than they do on normal, but you'll still be able to beat many of the missions on first go around. The Domination style missions, however, are particular difficult, and presented the biggest challenge in the game. On Legendary, the second to last mission was one of the hardest missions I've ever played on any game, but it was loads of fun trying to figure a build order that would work for the immense task at hand. We did encounter a couple of unfortunate glitches throughout the campaign. For example. on one mission where I had 3 Spartans available, one of the Spartans would not move after he recovered from being downed. He would only move with doing his special, but nothing else. There was another instance where my based was destroyed, and the game should have been seemingly over, but the clock kept winding down as the AI was mindlessly floating around the final objective. The glitch went in my favor, but it was immersion breaking. I want to keep this spoiler free, so all I will say about the actual story is that I felt it was pretty good, but overall didn't amount to much. It felt like a setup for another game. With that said, the cutscenes some of the best every created anywhere, and probably the best in the series. Atriox is a wonderful character, who really inspires fear, but is underused in my opinion. Overall, I give the campaign a 8.5/10. The gameplay is fun, if you like real time strategies, and the missions are varied enough that it doesn't get boring. But some unfortunate glitches coupled with a underdeveloped story keeps it from reaching its full potential. And at the end of the day it still is a RTS on console and the controls will always feel clunky compared to the PC. We know this game is on the PC as well, but we played it on the XBOX One. I'm guessing with better controls, it would be a 9 and 9.5. CAMPAIGN SCORE: 8.5/10 BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE:

Halo 2 Anniversary All Cutscenes - Halo 2 Movie - Remastered by Blur Studios [1080p @ 60fps]

Halo 2: Anniversary Remastered Cutscenes in the Master Chief Collection by Blur Studios. These Halo 2: Anniversary Cinematic cutscenes were recorded in full HD 1080p at 60fps. Enjoy this tribute to the best video game franchise in history, Halo. I received a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection from the Halo Invitational Tournament and wanted to be the first to upload, so I grinded the campaign, enjoy! Connect with me! Twitter: Stream: FB: Insta: XBL: Partners!

Kampy - Halo 5 Montage 2 - by AppleFanatic

Please enjoy Kampy’s Halo 5 Montage 2. Expand this description for details about the story behind this surprise project. Happy birthday man, thanks for everything. Kampy’s Channel: Download link (for best quality) -!mJw10AQI!2GRTyd-65fysyWAZsXwLujM6ukVDN7bODDarcg-o46c Soundtrack: Miracle - CHVRCHES Drive (feat. The Chain Gang of 1974) - Jai Wolf Let me first start off by saying, I made this as a surprise for Tony and therefore was unable to use any of his old live captured clips that he was planning on using. So this is by no means an “official” M2 from Kampy - this is a project that I made using all the information I had from Tony and was made mostly as a birthday present and a tribute in a way to all of the entertainment that Kampy has given the community over the years. With that in mind, Tony and I were originally going to dual edit his montage 2 before he disappeared. This is the main reason I felt uniquely compelled to take this project on myself. We discussed everything from the clips, song choices (more on that later), editing style, to the little touches that he enjoyed most in his favorite edits. I took all of this to heart when I made this project (and added some little references too) and I hope I did it justice. The soundtrack to this video was a topic of much debate for Tony when he was in the process of editing. He went through a few songs and scrapped multiple edits. He brought the second song (Drive) to my attention shortly before he left, so I figured this would be the song he would most enjoy being used. The first song however, was something I pretty much winged. Tony was very much set on having a dedicated Champ FFA section in this video and wanted a fast paced song for it. He waited for MONTHS for a song to release only to be disappointed with the final version. So with this in mind, I went to Tony’s SoundCloud likes and saw that he liked the most recent Chvrches album. So I picked a short, fast paced, song that I thought I could edit to well. I hope you like it Tony! I don’t really need to say this, but the gameplay in this video is absolutely ridiculous. Tony felt strongly about variety in his montages and would always prefer a flashier lower multi to a more standard jaro+. I went through every single one of his account’s DVR films to find the clips that I believed he would want to use in a main montage. Some of the FFA clips I remember him talking about were expired, but I think I found all of the social clips he wanted to use. To reiterate, since this was a surprise project, I DID NOT CONSULT TONY AT ALL ABOUT THE CLIPS IN THIS VIDEO. So, I chose the gameplay based on everything Tony and I talked about related to his video standards. I think I did a good job overall with the clips I chose and again, Tony’s gameplay is just insane. Editing wise, I tried to stick to the fundamentals here. Tony always favored simple edits that showcase gameplay first and foremost. That’s what I consider to be my biggest editing strong suit, so I felt very comfortable with the decisions I made in this video. When we were going to dual edit, Tony wanted me to add my “signature” glows and flares, so I kept those throughout the video as long as they didn’t interrupt the gameplay. I honestly feel like this is some of my best flow in an edit so far and am very happy with the result. Editing H5 can be an absolute pain with the constant medal annoyances, angle staging (thanks a ton to Mint Blitz, Bambo, La Jako, and Games4uie), and its uncanny ability to make every CC I’ve ever made look like absolute trash, but I pushed through it and I hope you all love it. Shoutout to DoubleAA for some serious help throughout this. Finally, I just wanted to give a quick message to Tony. I know you’re very private about your life man and I respect that, but just know that your presence in this community is sorely missed. Being a part of your stream’s community, making a dualtage with you, and meeting up with you and the homies in ATL last year have made a serious impact on my life. You were the person who first inspired me to make Halo content and meet people in the community and I will always be grateful of that. Whether or not you return, I hope this video shows off the amazing clips you hit, fun stream moments we had, and ultimately how much easier you made the majority of the H5 lifespan for the community. Much love man, thank you for everything. With all this said and done, please enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments. Kampy's streams became a daily part of my schedule and I became great friends with Tony and many awesome Halo people through his stream, so this video really means a lot to me.

Leader Profile: The Arbiter (Ripa 'Moramee) - Halo wars 2

The Arbiter known as Ripa 'Moramee was certainly an interesting character, given his brief time. He was a complete departure both from traditional Sangheili and what we had see as an Arbiter in Thel 'Vadam. What might things have been like had he survived and joined the Banished? ------------------Subscribe and Follow!------------------ Facebook: Twitter: Halo Archive Twitter: Check out the Halo Archive: Google+

After 28 years in cryo-sleep, Jacob and the crew of the Spirit of Fire must wake up (I hate mornings...) and defend the Ark (Noah’s ark?) from Atriox the Banished!
Halo Wars 2 © Microsoft Corporation. This Let’s Play was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo Wars 2, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

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