The story of changing face of Varanasi

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Cleaning the Assi River, Varanasi: a pilot project

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ये महारानी नेपाल से लाई थी बहू, बेटे से महल में रहने का लेत...

ये महारानी नेपाल से लाई थी बहू, बेटे से महल में रहने का लेती थी किराया Gwalior Maharani Vijayaraje Scindia Birth Anniversary Please Subscribe & Share --------------------------------------- Gwalior is the birthday of Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia on Raj Bhavan on October 12. During this time, DB Rajmata Vijayaraj is telling the facts related to Life of Scindia. In fact, the will of the deceased was written by Vijayaraje Scindia. In which he did not divide the property of his royal house. He even wrote in his will also that his son would not make funeral for him. It is said that he used to rent his son Madhavrao to stay in the palace. Madhavrao Scindia was married on May 8, 1966 in the royal family of Nepal. Prior to her marriage, Madhavrao had shown only her mother's photo of Madhavi Raje. Madhavrao Scindia has been married in Rana Khandan of Nepal and at that time Rajmeeta Vijayaaraje Scindia had done the work of liking the girl for her. - Before marriage, Madhavrao saw photos of many girls belonging to the royal family of Nepal. They rejected all. As soon as the photo of Kiran Rajyalakshmi came out, Madhavrao immediately gave a yes. - When the girl refused to show the girl, Madhavrao jokingly said that you guys probably want them to be the queen of Nepal. - Before marriage, Madhavi Raje's name was Kiran Rajyalakshmi. After marriage, Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia made her name according to the Sindhi dynasty. - show that 50 years ago the railway line was laid to Jayvilas Palace. A special train was arranged for Madhavrao Scindia's procession. - The 8-bogged train came up to the palace and about 150 Royal Barati rode to Delhi and went to Delhi. - Madhavrao's wedding was made by Rana Khandan of Nepal came to Delhi. The people of all the principals of the country were involved in their marriage. Hire from the son to stay in the palace - This controversy started when Madhavrao had taken the Congress and Vijayaraje was in the Jan Sangh. In fact, Vijeyaraj was already in the Congress, but after the ending of Indira Gandhi's royal family, she lost her purse purse. - Vijayaaraje Scindia had said that during the Emergency police had beaten him with sticks in front of his son. They alleged that Madhavrao Scindia had arrested him. Because of this, the relationship between the two had worsened. - He also demanded rent from his son to stay at the Jayivalas Palace in Gwalior. From Vijayaraje, Madhavrao Scindia had asked for a Saa rent. --------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE To Get Latest News Today Youtube Channer: Twitter: Thanks For Watching ---------------------------------------

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Ring road Varanasi (Harhua to chiraigwon) full jounrey

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POWERGRID's efforts have made Varanasi a "wireless" city!

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