BRAP RANT: Sea of Thieves....An Honest Discussion

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Sea of Thieves Review - THE ULTIMATE PARADOX

Should You Buy Sea of Thieves? Or Should you Pirate it? Haha Listen to the Best Rap Song ever created: JOIN THE RANTONIANS ►► SUBSCRIBE! ►► MERCH! ►► SUPPORT ►► TWITTER ►► Twitter: FACEBOOK ►► Jum Jum's Channel ►► ►► My videos are meant to entertain. So lighten up and have fun! 0:41 Story 1:11 Gameplay 5:43 Fun 15:04 Playtime 15:27 Final Rating Purchase Sea of Thieves here:

Why Sea Of Thieves Is VERY Important For Gaming

Why Sea Of Thieves Is An IMPORTANT Step For Gaming ➥Buy your games here: ➥Subscribe: ➥Donate: ➥Twitter: Thanks for watching! --------------------------------- Music Credits: In game music Misc. Video Credits Sky-cam footage from DefendtheHouse: Greenskull: Misc. Gameplay from Cayinator

Sea of Thieves Didn't Just Die | It Was Murdered

Sea of thieves has without a doubt become one of gamings biggest disappointments of 2018. You don’t have to go to a review or watch the gameplay to know what Microsoft’s Xbox one x pusher ended up being. Every sea of thieves review pointed out the same gameplay realities and ever gamer saw right through it. What ended up causing the demise of such a promising game. Why did sea of thieves end up being the newest Xbox one disappointment and how can Microsoft recover its first party output. New cleanprincegaming each and every week!

The Sad Truth About Sea of Thieves

Aye This game be a fine ship, but rudderless and in shallow waters. Argh. The Twitter: The Facebook: Businesss Inquiries: Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects at

Podcast #118: New Xbox Streaming Box Coming In 2020 / Huge Epic Games News

A digital only Xbox that streams games? Apparently it's in the works and we'll give our takes on this developing story. We also have huge news revolving around Epic Games. Plus more gaming related topics! BRAP is an official affiliate of The Inner Circle Games Network. Make sure to visit for all of your latest gaming news and reviews.

Sea of Thieves, it is not a good game. I'll discuss some of the issues and what Rare can do to improve the game.

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