How Low Can Btc Get Before Genesis-Mining Lifetime Mining Contracts Not Profitable?

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How To make a purchase on Hashflare

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Genesis Mining Profitability Spreadsheet:

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In this video, we are going to explore the price needed to cause the genesis mining lifetime contracts to expire. Based on the maintenance fee calculation, the fee is about $8.52 per Terra Hash.

We used a mining profitability calculator that we found online and used it to see what the minimum BTC price would be before it would no longer be profitable at this current difficulty rate. The projection takes into consideration the one time set up fee for the contract as a fixed cost.

Current price when recording this is $2045.50, ROI in 9 months.

The results were quite surprising, as we expected the break even price to be much higher. After plugging different values in the BTC price blue cell, we found that the exact price to no longer be profitable was $589.50.

Based on technical analysis trading using my own charts, I have determined that the bottom for BTC is around $1200 based on a missed monthly pivot from May. Lots of traditional investors and traders use pivots and missed pivots to determine price targets, along with fibonacci levels as well. So with this quick analysis we can determine that existing BTC Genesis Mining contracts are safe for the time being and still profitable.

So if the price drops to $1655 then one should expect to receive their original investment back in exactly 12 months hypothetically.

The other price targets we highlighted was the 2 Year Break Even price. At $150 per Terra Hash fixed cost, the break even price for BTC would be at $1160 in 24 months. So with that, it is still completely safe to make investments into Genesis Mining at this rate with $1160 being at the amount where one would still receive their initial investment back within 365 days for their lifetime BTC mining contract.

If the price reaches $4000, per Goldman… Then we can expect a return of 5 Times for our investment in Mining Contracts! This is great news so the risk reward is not too bad.

Thanks for watching this video, please use our promo code in the description and on this calculator to upgrade or start new mining contracts with a 3 percent discount!

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