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Honda Civic FD2 meter self test

Self test meter diagnose for civic FD1/2

DIY: Odometer Reprogramming

Here's a tutorial on how to reprogram your odometer by yourself at home using $10 in electronic components. This was demonstrated on a Honda Accord. Reprogramming an odometer is done to correct the mileage on the instrument cluster after repairing or swapping clusters. Full write-up available for download here: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Odometer-Reprogramming/ Tutorial: https://mega.nz/#!ikxxmCoI!XN-ZtxtMN1dpqr80gfrkvfbu6nWR6w_KjQkHqnlS4g4 Odometer Calculator Spreadsheet: https://mega.nz/#!6xggDYoD!MjmmW_AJ88oUC2k84ruTBt2o1vlPJs1GNoHU4kibouM Disclaimer: 1. The information provided should only be used to correct mileage information. While it is not illegal to change your odometer reading, it is illegal to falsify or misrepresent the actual mileage of the vehicle. 2. The odometer display can be easily falsified by swapping clusters to one of a lower mileage. 3. This procedure requires disassembly of the cluster, and de-soldering of SMD components. Use care and caution when dealing with delicate components, and practice first on a spare cluster The mileage on most (Japanese) cars is stored on the instrument cluster itself, and not in the ECU. Therefore the mileage of the original vehicle that the cluster was from will be displayed on the dash. Odometer information is stored on a small EEPROM chip on the circuit board. The chip can be read and written to using a serial programmer. The information is coded in hexi-decimal characters. Odometer correction can be performed using expensive hands on tools, including Honda HDS software. This tutorial demonstrates how you can program the chip directly using nothing but a few resistors, zener diodes and your trusty old computer's serial port. Tools and Parts Required: • Screwdrivers • Soldering iron, solder and a de-soldering pump • Computer with Windows XP and serial port o Wire strippers • Serial programmer - Breadboard - Hookup wire - Female serial port header - 5V from computer power supply - 4.7K ohm resistors - 5V Zener diodes • Serial programming software (PonyProg freeware) • A spare instrument cluster in case you screw up In this case the original cluster read 314K km, and the new cluster read 211K km. The new cluster was then programmed to match the 314K that is on the vehicle. The cluster must be disassembled to access the L56 EEPROM chip. It must then be desoldered from the board to enable writing to the chip. Care must be taken when desoldering SMD components, as mine broke and I had to find a replacement 93C56 chip. Once the chip is connected to the simple serial programmer circuit, it can then be read and written to using PonyProg software. The odometer information is stored in HEX characters, to which an attempt was made to decode. The odometer information is stored in the bottom rows, which were then edited with the new corresponding HEX characters and its checksum, and then written to the chip. Once the chip is soldered to the board it can then be powered on to test the new instrument cluster. The major part of the mileage (thousandths) was decoded, so it matches close enough but not perfectly. An easier option would be to desolder the chip from the old cluster and solder it to the new cluster. Or you can read the info from the old and write it to the new. Just for fun you can program 999,999 and go show some dealerships as a potential trade in. I'm sure they'll be shocked. Reference material: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq6SlyVE4zQ http://www.clublexus.com/forums/es-1st-to-4th-gen-1990-2006/740730-diy-odometer-reprogramming.html http://www.rs25.com/forums/f105/t105267-diy-reprogram-odometer-your-swapped-dash.html

Fifth Gear - Honda Civic 2006

Fifth Gear - Honda Civic 2006 (EU) review with Tom Ford [S08E09] 05.12.2005

Honda Civic 8 Odometer removal 2006

Honda Civic 8 Odometer removal

Honda Civic 2.2 i-CTDi FK3 Remap Acceleration - by MadGarage

Honda Civic del 2009, con 124.000Km all'attivo, solo mappa.


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