Microsoft E3 2018 Conference Reactions

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AlyssaBeCrazy and Dan (ThatCybertChannel) sit down and review to the 2018 E3 Microsoft conference in real time. Reaction/ first impressions/ and discussion brings this conference review full circle, voicing their thoughts throughout the video! This was originally streamed live on Alyssa's Twitch channel. Live on Twitch Mon-Fri & Saturday, see Twitch schedule for times. 24 Hr streams every 1k followers with giveaways every 2 hours! S U B S C R I B E Support me on PATREON for fun perks like shout-outs and monthly google hangouts! SEND ME STUFF OR GAMES FOR MY GAMING CHANNEL: P.O.Box Address: AlyssaBeCrazy 685 Placerville Dr. Placerville, CA 95667 Youtube (Main Channel): Youtube (Gaming Channel): Twitch Streaming: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: Facebok: PLAYLISTS: TIPSY TUESDAY CHALLENGES: 10 TIPS ADVICE: ALYSSABEVLOGGING: SKETCHES & MUSIC VIDEOS: CRAZY UNBOXINGS: STORY TIME - STORIES FROM MY LIFE: ASK ALYSSA Q&As: LETS TAKE A QUIZ: OTHER FUN STUFF: MY ANIMALS: Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 2018 (24th e3) Los Angeles Convention Center Organized by Entertainment Software Association Electronic Entertainment Expo, during which hardware manufacturers, software developers, and publishers from the video game industry will present new and upcoming products to the attendees, primarily retailers and members of the video game press. The event, organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), will take place in Los Angeles, California from June 12 to June 14, 2018, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, with many companies holding press conferences in the days prior.

MICROSOFT @ E3 2018 Full Reaction & Thoughts

We hung out today and got a chance to check out the Microsoft Conference at E3 this year. What do you think about all the games announced? So many exclusives! How do you feel about the steps Microsoft is taking?! Interested in hanging with us and chatting while events are live? Consider joining The MissCreant fam through Patreon or Twitch Subs! FIND MY PATREON HERE: NEW MISSCREANT MERCH! FIND MY DESIGNS AND THESE OTHER SHIRTS HERE! USE MY CODE MISSCLICK TO SAVE MONIES! Make sure you join us on Twitch for streams everyday! It's free! MARIO KART RACE TOURNAMENT: 4153-8624-6699 MARIO KART BATTLE TOURNAMENT: 2773-6009-0667 ***DONATION LINK*** Never required, always appreciated! Catch up with me on Twitch, FB, Insta, and Twitter! Twitch: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Microsoft Press Conference | E3 2018 AWESOME!

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E3 - MICROSOFT Press Conference REACTION

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Microsoft is having a tough run with the Xbox, does this conference bring them up to speed? See our reactions to this decisive conference!


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