Control: Aston Martin Vantage prototype| | Review Car

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Aston Martin Vantage: Control | | Car Reviews

Aston Martin Vantage: Control | | Car Reviews Please, Like & Subscribe Car 3x ^^. Subscribe : : There's an undeniable swagger around Aston Martin at the moment. Not so long ago the cars, covetable though they were, were using old technology in familiar designs. Now, with some proper backing and under the guidance of Andy Palmer, the progress is ferocious. And tremendously exciting. The Valkyrie on road tyres will be as fast as an LMP1 car. A brand new factory in Wales is tooling up to produce an Aston Martin SUV. The aim with Lagonda audacious; indicative of this ever-growing confidence. A mid-engined 488 rival is coming, money is rolling in, and the new Vantage - launched 15 years after that stunning first V8 concept - is sold out for the whole of this year. So what are the faithful - because those customers haven't yet driven the car - going to receive at some point in 2018? Quite simply, and here's your spoiler alert, one of the most exciting and outrageously desirable sports cars launched in a very long time. There are niggles, certainly, and we all know how the United Kingdom has been the undoing of many a car, but so much already feels so very, very good that it would be an incredible shock to find a vehicle anything less than excellent over here. Famous last words and so on... Where to begin? To these eyes, it's a stunningly attractive shape. Even in hi-vis green. Perhaps not classically elegant like the old car, but instead a form that's brimming with purpose and intent, yet also features some lovely details. It's compact, punchy and modern, while still retaining familiar sports car proportions and a sense of Aston style. Crucially, too, given the last decade or so, it looks different to everything else in the range. It's harder to deliver such unequivocal praise about the Vantage's cabin. Much is good: the driving position is fabulous, the materials feel great and it's a world away from its predecessor in terms of quality and sense of occasion. However, it does feel a bit cluttered with buttons and, depending on spec, a bit dark in there. Excluding the steering wheel but including the seat adjustment, there were 52 buttons in 'our' Vantage cabin. No doubt familiarisation will make it appear less bewildering, and buttons are typically preferable to a touchscreen, but some switches here remain fiddly and not intuitive. A Mercedes-AMG GT incorporates much of the similar tech more cohesively, and an R8 cabin surpasses the Aston for both style and usability. That's really about as big as the gripes get for this Vantage, though. Before anybody drives the car there's an explanation from Matt Becker of his influence on the design and what's underneath it - a worthwhile 15 minutes if ever there was one. Becker uses the word "unapologetic" to describe the Vantage's focus on the 911, even the Aston's brake feel is modelled on that bloomin Porsche - he mentioned it first, OK, not us - because he liked it so much. (A bigger master cylinder aims to improve that). Torsional stiffness is up 8,000 Newton metres per degree over the old Vantage to 35... #Aston #Martin #Vantage #Control #Carscom #Car #Reviews #car3x

Aston Martin Vantage V8 review plus Valkyrie AMR Pro

The Vantage V8 is the first Aston Martin that Andy Palmer, their CEO, has been able to oversee from the beginning, so the design stage. The new Vantage shares very little with it's predecessor. The Chassis has been thoroughly re-worked and features new front and rear subframes, the adaptive Skyhook dampers are new and the geometry is said to be far more driver focussed than that of a DB11. Palmer says “The Vantage is a proper sports car, it’s the Aston Martin for our customers who put driving first” An AMG 503bhp, twin-turbocharged V8 has replaced Aston's previous naturally aspirated unit. Positioned as far back in the chassis as possible, the V8 arrives from Affalterbach in Germany with new engine management software and a new exhaust system. An eight-speed ZF gearbox is mounted on the rear axle and there’s also an electronic rear-diff. The new Vantage will accelerate to 62mph in 3.6-seconds and go on to a top speed of 195mph. The new cabin architecture with some switchgear is recognisable from Mercedes AMG models, but a quite a lot is bespoke to the Vantage, for example the rotary and toggle switches. It’s impossible to over-estimate how important the new Vantage is to Aston Martin, the previous car sold more than 16,000 units during its 11 year life span, by far the biggest selling Aston Martin in recent times. Aston Martin has also revealed a lighter and more powerful version of its hardcore Valkyrie Supercar. Only 25 examples of the track-only Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro will be built and all have been sold at £3 million pounds each. The Valkryie AMR Pro was developed alongside the road-going hypercar with increased power and torque from its naturally aspirated 6.5-litre Cosworth V12 engine. However, while Aston has not disclosed the official figures, AM suggests it will develop in the region of 1100bhp”. It will weight 1,000kg, while its heavily sculpted body has been designed to generate “more than its own weight in downforce”. Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer, said: “The Aston Martin Valkyrie road car draws extensively from the knowledge I have gained during my career in Formula One, but the AMR Pro version has allowed me to work beyond the constraints of road legality". Also featuring on the Aston stand is the re-introduction of Lagonda as their luxury brand. This time though as a fully electric model. Car on display although futuristic does not appear to be for sale any time soon so it is probably better described as a concept. It is being billed as a Rolls Royce competitor and may see the light of day in 2021. Fair way off then but nevertheless the Aston Martin comeback rolls on. Subscribe now to see further videos on cars at the Geneva show 2018 from ss8000cars. Visit us at: Website: Instagram: Stats Evo Magasine

2009 Aston Martin DBS - Jay Leno's Garage

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Control: Aston Martin Vantage prototype | | Car Reviews

Control: Aston Martin Vantage prototype | | Car Reviews Please, Like & Subscribe Car 3x ^^. Subscribe : : The wait is nearly over, honestly. We've already driven the prototype version of the new Aston Vantage on a frozen lake in Finland, and soon we'll be able to tell you how the finished version feels on the glamorous media launch in Portugal. But, before then, one last intermediate step: a blast of a full dazzle-liveried engineering hack in UK roads. While I should probably try to make out that this was a hard-won exclusive and the result of the sort of journalistic graft that normally wins prizes and pay rises, the reality is considerably more mundane. I couldn't make it to the Scandinavian ice-drive so Aston very generously offered to let me have a go closer to home. The journey starts at the company's new engineering base in Wellesbourne, and with the reassuring presence of the company's chief vehicle attributes engineer - and driving god - Matt Becker in the passenger seat. The basics have all been well covered with our previous stories on the car so need detain us only briefly. The Vantage uses the AMG-sourced twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8, with 510hp and 505lb ft - slightly more torque than the same engine produces in the baby DB11. Although it sits on the same platform as its grand touring sister it is lighter and shorter, has no rear seats, but gains a very clever electronically controlled locking rear differential plus a mission to go and harry the Porsche 911 in a manner its predecessor never quite managed. The huge workshop at Wellesbourne is full of immaculate Vantages being prepared for the official press launch, in marked contrast to the general skankiness of the prototype and its peeling zebra-pattern disguise wrap. There's plentiful evidence of a life lived hard, from chips and abrasions on the exterior panels to fault messages on the instrument screen and a feral fug to the cabin itself. It smells like many engineers have spent many hours sweating in here. As this isn't a test of niceness, none of this matters. The Vantage's cabin feels smaller and tighter-fitting than the DB11's and the natural seating position is lower. The fat A-pillars also seem to eat more front quarter visibility than in the '11, it takes several of the roundabouts we encounter on our way to the Fosse Way to get used to the need to peer around this to check the substantial blindspot. The steering wheel is the same as the DB11, the prototype having the same insubstantial feeling rocker switches to toggle between the different handling and powertrain dynamic modes. The big difference is that the Vantage loses its big sister's "Comfort" mode; instead there is a choice between Sport, Sport Plus and Track. Well before reaching faster roads it's obvious that the Vantage is a very different beast than the V8-powered DB11, with a much darker soundtrack when exhaling through what Becker says will become an optional sports exhaust, full of rasps and crackles. To my ears it sounds angrier than anything else fitted with this engine below, perhaps, the full-on AMG GT R. While F... #Control #Aston #Martin #Vantage #prototype #Carscom #Car #Reviews #car3x

Control: Aston Martin Vantage prototype| | Review Car

The wait is nearly over, honestly. We've already driven the prototype version of the new Aston Vantage on a frozen lake in Finland, and soon we'll be able to tell you how the finished version feels on the glamorous media launch in Portugal. But, before then, one last intermediate step: a blast of a full dazzle-liveried engineering hack in UK roads. While I should probably try to make out that this was a hard-won exclusive and the result of the sort of journalistic graft that normally wins prizes...

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