Mercedes-Benz Benchmark Cars Presents Night out with star

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Driving Mercedes Benz 1886 ...Turning Over

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A Story of Survival - Customer Testimonial Cassondra Taylor

Mercedes-Benz of Austin Presents: A Story of Survival My name is Cassondra Taylor and I bought my first Mercedes-Benz in October 2001. My most recent purchase was in May 2017. I bought a GLA 250 in white. It was the first time I bought a white car. Most of my other cars have been red. So I was very excited to have a new brand new, beautiful car. On September 4th, 2017, I was involved in an accident about a mile from my house in Driftwood, Texas. And I was actually headed into Austin to do Hurricane Relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey. At that time a late model, Lincoln town car crossed in front of me. And I remember thinking, "okay, I see all this white. And I surely can't be in heaven because I'm pretty sure that heaven would smell like lavender and mint and not the smell of an overheated engine." All I could really think about was, "Wow! I survived this crash." It was a totaled collision at about a 100 miles per hour. The insides of the car, outside of the airbags, was pristine. It was all absorbed in the engine. And the only injury I sustained was a black eye that I proudly wore for a week, and 2 fat lips. And I felt like I had been punched by a Mike Tyson. But I was able to open my own door and get out of the car on my own. And based on what the first responders and the first people who arrived on the scene told me, was they thought, honestly, I shouldn't have survived. I am blessed to be here today. So after that accident, I drove straight to Mercedes-Benz of Austin. There was no question that I was going to get another Mercedes-Benz. No question at all! When I think of safety now, I didn't think of—I've always equated Mercedes-Benz with luxury and performance. Now I equate it with safety. There was no question that I was going to get another Mercedes-Benz. Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz at our Austin, Texas location: Mercedes-Benz of Austin 6757 Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78752 (512) 220-0940 Mercedes-Benz of Austin - Always Moving Forward.

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Mercedes A-Class Production line

Footage of the new Mercedes A-Class production line at the Rastatt plant in Germany. Filmed in 2013. Copyright © TestDriven 2013. Reproduction without permission is expressly forbidden.

Mercedes-Benz Benchmark Cars, the largest dealer of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in India hosted a special event for customers in Madhya Pradesh - A night out with the stars! #benchmarkcars #mercedesbenzindia #mercedesbenzdealer

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