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Fallout 4: Let's Build a Sanctuary Settlement - The Long's House and Mama Murphy's Chem Shack

Today I build The Long's House and Mama Murphy's Chem Shack! The mods I use are listed below. Let me know what you think of this video and thanks for watching! These are the mods I use for my builds, the platforms they're available on, and where you can find them. I play on PC and I do not use Nexus Mod Manager, I add all my mods manually. THIS IS MY LOAD ORDER: Integrated Commonwealth - PS4, XB1, PC - Unlock Settlement Objects - PS4, XB1, PC - Cheat Room - PS4, XB1, PC - USO Wasteland Workshop (add-on) - PS4, XB1, PC - USO Far Harbor (add-on) - PS4, XB1, PC - USO Nuka-World (add-on) - PS4, XB1, PC - USO Contraptions Workshop (add-on) - PS4, XB1, PC - USO Vault-Tec Workshop (add-on) - PS4, XB1, PC - USO Mashups (add-on) - PS4, XB1, PC - USO Automatron (add-on) - PS4, XB1, PC - Workbench Anywhere - PS4, XB1, PC - Portable Jetpack - XB1, PC - Replace Pack Brahmins with Eyebots - PC - Shaikujin's Better Settlement Alerts - XB1, PC - OCDecorator - PS4, XB1, PC - OCDecorator Patch - PS4, XB1, PC - OCDispenser - PS4, XB1, PC - OCDecorator FarHarborDLC - PS4, XB1, PC - OCDecorator NukaWorldDLC - PS4, XB1, PC - OCDecorator - No Experience - PS4, XB1, PC - OCDecoratorDLC - PS4, XB1, PC - CREAtive Clutter (All DLC) - PS4, XB1, PC - Unlimited Settlement Budget (No Hassle) - XB1, PC - Shut.Your.Face. - PC - No More Hammering - PC - Workshop Rearranged - XB1, PC - UCO Menu Patch (add-on) - PS4, XB1, PC - Pre-War and Post-War Sanctuary Houses - PS4, XB1, PC - g2m_Workshop_Nexus - XB1, PC - Nexus cVc Dead Wasteland - PC - Nexus Settlement Border Expanded - XB1, PC - AkaInvisibleFurniture - PC - Nexus Animated Canopies [WWE] - PC - Nexus rrraidertentsandtarpsNWFH - PC - Nexus Scrap Everything! - XB1, PC - These mods below don't appear in the Mods screen of your Fallout 4 main menu when you open it, so when you add these from Nexus, just let them stay where they land when copied over: Place Everywhere - PC - Nexus Invisible Furniture (invisible idle animation markers) - PC - Nexus Creation Club Mods: Arcade Workshop Pack Armor Paint Job-Army, Brotherhood of Steel, Institute, Minutemen, Railroad Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack Home Decor Workshop Pack Modern Furniture Workshop Pack

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xbox reveal highlights
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