Great Cars: MG

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Great Cars: MINI

One of the most popular British marques of all time, the venerable Mini, first appeared in 1959. It was the “everyman’s” car. A car that could be taken out to drive in a rally. Used to commute, court your sweetheart or fitted with a truck bed and turned into a service vehicle. It was a scrappy, fun car and it gained fans around the world. It seemed to have a personality. But like many British car companies, it was bogged down in a larger company that was imploding. Just before it went under BMW came to the rescue. After pouring in millions of Deutschmarks to revive the Mini, the revived car landed on the world stage with a bang. It became a movie star and a cult favorite. This is a car that refused to die. EP 111

Great Cars: JAGUAR

In 1961, Jaguar set out to capture the world market with the legendary XKE or E-Type Jag. The Jaguar E-Type stole car lovers' hearts and is still considered to be one of the most romantic roadsters ever produced. The Jaguar Company actually got its start 40 years earlier in Lancashire, England as the Swallow Sidecar Company. Within five years, the company branched out into automobile body manufacturing and all models began with S.S. for Swallow Sidecar. But as World War II came to an end, “SS” had a sinister connotation. This unique car company needed an exceptional name and Jaguar Cars Limited found one in the name of a wild breed of jungle cats. In 1961 they introduced a car that was as exotic as their name – the E-Type Jaguar. It became a vibrant symbol of the Swinging Sixties. Jaguar tumbled from this lofty perch as its quality and drive for innovation vanished. But in the last few years after being rescued by a doting Ford Motor Company and then sent packing, the “Cat” is once again leaping ahead and taking its place as a leader in the automotive jungle. EP 104

Great Cars: MORGAN

The Morgan is a design that holds firmly to its ancestry – simple yet sporty, but no longer inexpensive. The Morgan got its start as the Morgan three-wheeler that was produced from the early 1900's to 1951. The Roadster is still handmade and only ten cars are built each week at the Morgan factory in Malvern Link, England. All Morgans are pre-sold and buyers are often put on a six-year waiting list. The Morgan seems antiquated to some and it is a stark contrast to today's typical high tech car. But the Morgan is more than just an "Automobile," it's an art form with its own spirit and soul. EP 310

Introduction to T-type MGs on the MG Cars Channel -

Three MG models, the TC, TD and TF, established MG in North America. They were "post war" MGs while the TAs and TBs were pre-war models. All five T-types are a very important part of the MG history, especially in America. Get an overview/ quick reference guide of all the videos available on the MG Cars Channel and watch them at this web page:

10 Greatest Engines Rolls-Royce Has Ever Produced

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A small sporty car was being produced in England that would help the world rediscover the joys of the sports car once the fighting ended. The MG’s moment was not too far away. The MG TC emerged as the first post-War Sports car hit. The popularity of this mild mannered, conservatively styled auto launched the British sports car onslaught. The early MG’s were simple machines with few creature comforts and a few nagging mechanical problems. But many were charmed by or in spite of their quirks. The MG helped people discover what fun it was to drive, if you had a car that was fun to drive.

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