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Giant LEGO Dinosaur Toys Surprise! Build Dinosaurs with Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toy Playsets

Special thanks to LEGO for sending us all the awesome sets in this #sponsored video! Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB receive a giant surprise box full of LEGO Dinosaurs from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! The sets include the Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape, Blue's Helicopter Pursuit, Stygimoloch Breakout, and the Pteranodon Chase. SUBSCRIBE TO TOYLABTV -------------------- ▶▶ Subscribe: MORE TOYLABTV VIDEOS -------------------- Jurassic World: Newest Adventures from ToyLabTV: The Adventures of Aaron & LB:

LEGO Cyclops - Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - PART 2 - Stopmotion

Yes! It's finally here! Part two of my Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom series is done! I hope you guys enjoy the video... Also, I will probably be releasing an "extended version" of the series with a few re edits and new animations in the next month :) Music - Raptor Your Heart Out by Michael Giacchino Lava Land by Michael Giacchino Thus Begins the Indo-Rapture by Michael Giacchino

Lets Play LEGO Jurassic World Part 6: ♫ DINO Dance Moves ♫ w/ Scary Ending! (THE END, Seriously!)

Duddy is back with a fun finale for LEGO Jurassic World / Jurassic Park Story w/ a Dino Musical Segment. Hope you enjoy all the fun! Thumbs up if you do! :) We know there are still 3 more to play but look how long it took to complete this one, we are afraid to start another for the channel because what if we don't finish it???? AHHHH! The HORROR! ►FUNnel Vision Velociraptor Scare Cam + Minecraft/Box Stair Cam: ►Lets Play LEGO Jurassic World Part 5: TOO MUCH POOP IN THE VISITOR CENTER! (Scare Cam Announcement) ►Lets Play LEGO Jurassic World Part 4: RAPTOR SCARE CAM ATTACK! (RESTORE POWER LEVEL GAMEPLAY): ►Lets Play LEGO Jurassic World Part 3: RUN FROM THE T-REX!!!! PARK SHUTDOWN!: ►Lets Play LEGO Jurassic World Part 2: Duddy Rides a Dino! + Alan Grant Glitch (FGTEEV Gameplay): ►Lets Play LEGO Jurassic World Part 1: KFC is DINOSAUR MEAT! (FGTEEV GAMEPLAY) w/ Gallimimus Trap: ================================== Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh! Subscribe: a Family Friendly Youtube Gaming Channel Skylander Boy and Girl Channel: Our Family/Vlog channel, FUNNEL VISION: ►Instagram: ►Facebook: ►T-Shirts: Skylander Boy and Girl Minecraft

All Lego Jurassic World Sets - Lego Speed Build Review

All Lego Jurassic World Sets released in 2015 for more Videos please Subscribe My Amazon* Shop : This Video contains the following sets : 30320 Gallimimus Trap 75915 Pteranodon Capture 75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush 75917 Raptor Rampage 75918 T-Rex Tracker 75919 Indominus Rex Breakout 75920 Raptor Escape * The links to Amazon are affiliate links. The offers on Amazon do not come from me, but I get through the link a commission when a purchase takes place! There are no costs for you! You only support this channel! Many Thanks! :)


Minecraft JURASSIC WORLD MOD / FALLEN KINGDOM SAVE THE DINOSAURS FROM VOLCANO!! Minecraft ►SUBSCRIBE: ►ROBLOX CHANNEL: In this Minecraft Mods video we will be testing out the Jurassic World Mod and saving the fallen kingdom in this amazing Mod. This is by far one of the best mods out there, and we can fight and survive Dinosaur Attacks! Download JURASSIC WORLD MOD for Minecraft: ►Instagram: naveedxking ►Snapchat: crazynaveed ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Vlog Channel: Promotions: ►Cheap Games: What is Minecraft? Minecraft is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on Minecraft is designed and constructed by members of the community. Minecraft is designed for 8 to 18 year old, but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore Minecraft — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything — be it a navigable skyscraper, a working helicopter, a giant pinball machine, a multiplayer “Capture the Flag” game or some other, yet ­to ­be ­dreamed-up creation. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. By participating and by building cool stuff, Minecraft members can earn speciality badges as well as Minecraft dollars (“Minecraft”). In turn, they can shop the online catalogue to purchase avatar clothing and accessories as well as premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms.

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