TRG Cooks: World Famous Omelette

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How To Make Your Own Hardware Wallet For Free!

Welcome back Squad! In this video I go over all of the steps required to make your own hardware wallet which is similar to the Ledger Nano or the Trezor. Sometimes it can be difficult to buy these premium devices and you may only have a flash drive available for storing your crypto currency wallet information. Fortunately for you guys, that's all you need to ensure your data is secured! Follow the simple steps in this video and you should have a fully functional encrypted flash drive for storing all of your private information. Here is my Steemit blog link: Feel free to check it out for more awesome information in relation to crypto currencies and security! Download VeraCrypt here: Thanks for checking in team and as always, Stay Regular


Hey hey there Squad ^_^ TRG in the house providing you with accurate updates on crypto currencies. Today, I talk about my favorite picks for masternodes and the up and comers which are best to get in on, early. Be sure to check these out and reap the potential rewards that may get you that much closer to your financial goals. These coins are not in any particular order, I believe in all of the below projects. They seem to have strong developmental teams, good projects and feasible goals. They also haven't seen any major pumps in price which may mean that they will soon. DixiCoin: Aquila: Rhenium: Infinex: Xuez: Thank you guys for tuning in and Happy Masternoding! By viewing any content under my channel, you agree to the following terms and conditions cited below. Nothing I say under any circumstances should be considered financial advice. Any communication/content from me is of my personal opinion and my experiences only. Anything I say is explicitly intended for informational and/or educational purposes only. It is up to you (the individual) to seek out a certified accredited professional and to do your own research/due diligence in regards to anything financially related. I cannot and will not take any responsibility or accountability whatsoever (legal, financial or otherwise) for any circumstances resulting from your interaction with me or my content. So be fully aware that by continuing to view or converse with my content or I, you agree to the stipulations above.

DixiCoin Ultimate Masternode Setup Guide with Install Script

UPDATED: Scripts and guide all updated for the latest version of the wallet release. There are also no TX ID and output ID prompts anymore. The latest add nodes are also in place. Welcome back Squad! This video would not have been possible without the support of the Dixicoin team. In this video I go over every step required to run a Dixicoin masternode. I went extrememly in depth with my instructions and even added screenshots for most of the steps to ensure you don't lose your way during the installation. If you have any questions or anything is unclear, please let me know and I will do my best to respond. If you found that this guide saved you alot of time and struggle, please do the other viewers a solid and let them know in the comments. It may save them time as well! We're a team here! Here is the DixiCoin Masternode Setup Guide Word Document: I highly suggest that you follow this guide along with the video while setting up your masternode. This will ensure a higher chance of success. Here is the link to my All In One Masternode_Setup Script: Feel free to review the code within this script. I offer total transparency with my code to prove my legitimate intentions. If you would like something scripted or modified, please contact me directly so we can work something out. Sign up for a Vultr VPS here: Song of the week: If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please leave them below and I will assuredly get back to you ^_^. Cheers Squad, I hope this guide finds you well. If so, feel free to buy me a beer with some DixiCoin! DXC: DGkbNARXcY95fNArpDu1x8bABMXqoxC2na Sincerely, That Regular Guy

Dixicoin - Dixihub Showcase and Review! Masternode Rewards = Free games?!?

Welcome back to another TRG video on crypto currencies! In this video I showcase the awesome platform that is the Dixihub. The Dixihub allows Dixicoin investors to purchase games and game related content at cost effective prices! This project involves masternodes and rewards for running and hosting them. These rewards can be used to purchase games as well as game related content from the Dixihub. With many more updates to come to the platform, Dixicoin is a solid investment to add to your portfolio. Links: Purchase Dixicoin Here!: Join the Dixicoin Discord: Join the TRG Discord: Comments questions or concerns? Please write them in the comments section benethe the video and I will be sure to get back to you! Cheers Squad and happy masternoding!

URGENT! - Cryptonite ASIC MINERS!?!

Hey Squad! In this video I really wanted to expose the plans for the Baikal ASIC miners. These ASIC miners can really have a large impact on Cryptonite coins. According to some of the information I've identified during my investigation, these may have been mining as early as December. If that is the case, they may be approximately 60% of the current Monero hashrate. Some developers of Cryptonite coins are planning corrective action within the near future. Monero plans to move to Cryptonite v7 which is much more ASIC resistant. This should stop ASIC mining in it's place for now. SumoKoin hasn't planned anything until they see an ASIC miner released in operational order. Turtlecoin is planning a hardfork to another algorithim but they have not decided which yet. They appear to have a really strong stance against ASIC mining which is wonderful to see! I'm a big fan of their dilligence. Electroneum has not provided any information yet on their proposed actions on the ASIC miners. It will be interesting to see what heppens over the next few days for Cryptonight coins. Here are the links to all of my resources used throughout this video: ASIC Miner Info: Electroneum ASIC Discussion: TurtleCoins ASIC Plans: FlappyTurtle Download: Cryptonight Mining Calculator: Check me out on Steemit for more up to date content! Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Thanks for tuning in and as always, Stay Regular

This is how that regular guy cooks an omelette. This is the absolute best method for cooking a quality omelette.

The key is all in the preparation.

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