Jim Duggan Compares Vince McMahon to 'Cowboy' Bill Watts (Supercard Royal Rumble 1988))

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Kevin Nash on Hiding Hulk Hogan's Weakness in The nWo & Eric Bischoff's Genius

From KC's Guest Booker with Kevin Nash - The Outsiders Stay Inside

Jim Cornette on Black Saturday (Vince McMahon's Purchase of GCW's Timeslot, 1984)

Jimmy goes into July 14th 1984 AKA Black Saturday; the day Vince McMahon took over Georgia Championship Wrestling's WTBS timeslot and replaced Gordon Solie and the gang with WWF squash matches. Keep it with Jim Cornette's Talking Sense for the very best shoot interview clips, old and new, from the Experience and Drive-Thru. All clips are used with permission from Jim Cornette and Brian Last.

Jim Cornette on How Fritz Von Erich Went From German Sympathizer To All American

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Jim Cornette On Working With Vince Russo In TNA

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Bruce Prichard on Dory Funk Jr. Refusing to Drop the NWA World Title w/ Jim Cornette

From KC's Back to the Territories: Houston with Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard

From KC's Supercard: Royal Rumble 1988 with Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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