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10 Ridiculously Cheap Mountain Bike Upgrades

All parts in the video are here: Support me on patreon: So you just spent all your money on a new mountain bike. It’s your pride and joy. You stare at it, pamper it, and of course you ride it. Still, you want to spoil your bike but you’re totally friggin broke. I’ve got your back, these 10 super cheap upgrades can improve your bike, protect it, or just make it look nicer. Let’s get started. These plastic cable fasteners are known as c-clips, and I’m pretty sure the C stands for crap because these always come loose and leave your cables hanging. For this reason, professionals use zip ties. Multi colored zip ties are not only slimmer and more secure, but they also can personalize your bike. Rather than matching your frame color, you should try to choose an accent color from your components so they stand out. Zip ties can be purchased at a hardware store, or online for just a few bucks. Since you have a bunch of zip ties, why not use them to neaten up your brake and shift cables. Try to find a way to keep the cables from hitting into each other, but still move freely as you steer. This will make your whole bike neater, quieter, and better looking. When you take a hard landing, your chain will sometimes hit your frame. This is called chain-slap, and the affected area is called your chainstay. Look closely and there’s usually a clear sticker there which offers some protection. To really protect your paint you can wrap your chainstay with electrical tape. Of course this comes in many colors. If you use the high quality 3M stuff, it’ll come off without leaving any residue. When the tape gets chewed up from the chain, you can pull it off and replace it again to keep your bike looking fresh. Another way to protect your chainstay is with a neoprene guard. These are often given away for free when you order stuff, and they can be had for just a few bucks on Amazon. Since they’re fastened with velcro they can be easily replaced or removed for cleaning. Keep your bike fresh and protect your chainstay. For the rest of the transcript, turn on closed captions.

6 Cool Bicycle Inventions AMAZING TO OWN

A list video of 6 Amazing Bike Inventions, Gadgets and Accessories Great To Use at Outdoors Social Media: Google + : Featuring: 6- BikeBalls: 5- Exergia UNDER-COVER - Bike Umbrella: 4- GeoOrbital Electric Wheel: , 3- Effigear Gearbox: 2- TWICYCLE Bike: 1- Zackees Signal Gloves: Music Includes : - Kevin MacLeod - - - NCS - nocopyrightsounds - Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License For Copyright Issues, Please Contact With Me ; #bicycle #bike #electricbike #inventions

Hand/Drill Crank Winch With Bicycle Parts

Project no.60 DIY hand Crank Winch this device can be hand operated or drill operated. most of the parts are from bicycle sprocket, chain and hub. i think the device can pull a car, sorry doesn't have a car to demonstrate it. LINKS THAT HAS BEEN USED IN THE VIDEO: YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL BY BUYING THIS ITEMS. M10 Connector: GT2 Belt, Pulley and Tensioner: Raitool™ Linear Actuator Motor: 20pcs Solid Brass Quick Coupler Set: motor speed controller: 23 set of Pro Metric Tap and Die: Original Xiaomi Miband 2: Stainless Electronic Digital Caliper: Hole Saw Cutters: download banggood app with 10%off: Voltage regulator: Plastic Waterproof Electronic Enclosure Case: Mini Air Spray gun: Mini Smartphone Photo Printer: Soloop Connectors Box Set: Waterproof LED Strip: Forstner Drill Bit: JGAURORA® A5 DIY 3D Printer: Sanding Belts: EKEN H9R Sports Camera: Pillow Block Bearing: Linear Actuator Motor: Ball Bearings: Collet Chuck Holder: ER11 Spring Collet: 11.11 GlobalShopingCarnival: More electronic tools here: LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND SUPPORT ME ON PATREON Like Share Subscribe for a Weekly Videos

How to change front suspension Fork | Hindi | ICM

We were practicing jumps. Mean while doing so Our Indian cycle messengers' rider Shubham roy cashed. He actually broke the very important Part of the fork which can't be fixed. Or say it could be fixed somehow but will be not Reliable. so We decided to change it and also tried to show you how we installed it on our bike. You could use the same method to change rigid fork to suspension fork or say to convert road or hybrid bike to mountain bike. We wish you all the Best. Thank you so much . Ride safe. Keep Cycling Our non-moto vlogs- Mountain biking in indian jungle- Climbing steep Hill for the 1st time- Our First non-moto vlog- Stay Connected, we love to have you with us.. We are in Facebook🔥 👉 We are in instagram🔥🔥 Search us as 1) Surajvgurung or go to 2) Shubhamicm or go to

The Five Types of Bikes

Bike store employees can sometimes be accused of being bike snobs. The snobbery usually starts right out of the gate, "What do you mean you don't know what a road bike is?!" We here at the Planet are sensitive to this and work very hard to refute that stereotype. We always like to remind ourselves that not everyone shows up to work at a bike store every day. We hope at the end, all of the bikes don't look the same!

Beginners Mountain bike anatomy, learn about all the mountain bike parts name in just 5 minutes.

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