Hey Cal 2 Official Movie Poster Revealed!

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2018 Disney Cars Diecasts In Package-Singles, deluxe, 2-packs, Launchers, haulers, and 5-packs

Cars: Redline( Full Movie!)

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you all. Those who have helped make the movie, those who support me everyday, and just anyone who is excited for Redline. You guys really helped me out. And now...it's here. Thanks!

TRACTOR TIPPING Lightning McQueen Run (video and game of the film Cars)

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Sponsor Number Cars Cars 3 Veteran Next-Gen Intersection 00 N/A Jc.jpg Fdta.png Tow Cap 4 Rcta.png Jack DePost.jpg Jdta.png SynerG 5 N/A Lane_Locke.jpg Spikey Fillups Synerg.png Transberry Juice 6 (Cars 3), 63 (Cars) Cars-transberry-juice-lee-revkins.jpg Markus_Krankzler_Artwork.png Bubba-wheelhouse-racing.jpg Dale Earnhardt Inc. 8 Junior3.jpg N/A N/A Combustr 11 Chip_Gearings_Artwork_Book.png Easy Idle 51 (Cars) 15 (Cars 3) Ruby Oaks Carl Clutchen Harvey Rodcap Octane Gain 58 (Cars) 19 (Cars 3) Cars-octane-gain-billy-oilchanger.jpg Bobby.png Cars-3-Danny-Swervez-Intro.jpg IGNTR 20 N/A N/A Jackson_storm.jpg Blinkr 21 N/A Speedy Comet Ryan Laney Vitoline 61 (Cars) 24 (Cars 3) Cars-vitoline-james-cleanair.jpg Brick yardley.png Chaseta.png Nitroade 28 Aiken3.jpg Phil_Tankson.png Tim_Treadless.jpg TripleDent 31 N/A Terryk.png CamSpinner.jpg Mood Springs 33 Chuck Armstrong Dud Throttleman Ed Truncan Trunk Fresh 34 Dirkson D'Agostino Dirkson D'Agostino Steve LaPage Shifty Drug 35 Kevin Racingtire N/A N/A Tank Coat 36 Eugene Carbureski Reb Meeker Rich Mixon View Zeen 39 Ryan Shields Buck Bearingly Michael Rotor Dinoco 43 (Cars) 42, 51 (Cars 3) TheKing3.jpg CalWeathers.png Cruzramirezz.jpg Re-Volting 84 (Cars) 48 (Cars 3) Davey Apex T.G. Castlenut Aaron Clocker Leak Less 52 Cars-leak-less-claude-scruggs.jpg Brian Spark Unnamed Faux Wheel Drive 54 Johnny Blamer Tommy Highbanks Herb Curbler Fiber Fuel 56 Brush Curber N/A N/A RPM 64 Winford Bradford Rutherford Bruce Miller Barry DePedal Carbon Cyber 67 N/A Unnamed Unnamed N2O Cola 68 Manny Flywheel Parker Brakeston H.J. Hollis Gasprin 70 Floyd Mulvihill Floyd Mulvihill Richie Gunzit Rev-N-Go 73 Misti Motorkrass Rev-N-Go Racer Unnamed Sidewall Shine 74 Cars-sidewall-shine-slider-petrolski.jpg N/A N/A Vinyl Toupee 76 Crusty Rotor Rev Roadages Unnamed Gask-Its 80 Sage VanDerSpin Rex Revler Unnamed Shiny Wax 82 Darren Leadfoot Darren Leadfoot Conrad Camber Apple 84 Mac iCar Unnamed J.P. Drive HtB 86 Chick_(1).jpg N/A N/A Bumper Save 90 Ponchy Wipeout Ponchy Wipeout Paul Conrev Sputter Stop 92 Murray Clutchburn Murray Clutchburn Sheldon Shifter Spare Mint 93 Ernie Gearson Ernie Gearson Unnamed Rust-eze 95 Lighting mcqueen.png LightningMcQueenCars3Artwork.jpg N/A Tach-O-Mint 101 Greg Candyman N/A N/A Lil' Torquey Pistons 117 Ralph Carlow Ralph Carlow Eric Braker Clutch Aid 121 Kevin Shiftright Dino Draftsky Unnamed No Stall 123 Todd Marcus Todd Marcus Unnamed Trivia In Cars, two racers bear the number 84: Davey Apex and Mac iCar. This problem was fixed by Cars 3 when the Re-Volting team changed its number to 48. Three racers bear the number 51: Doc Hudson, Ruby Oaks, and Cruz Ramirez. All drove in different racing eras, though, so it was never problematic. Misti Motorkrass is the only female racer in the first film. Out of all the racers in the first film, Rusty Cornfuel has the number with the lowest value, 4, while Todd Marcus' number, 123, is the highest.

Cars Adventures 19-16-Boost and the Old Enemies

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