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2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast Review - BETTER Than An Aventador S?

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Ferrari 488 PISTA (2019)

Ferrari 488 PISTA

HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping

Our friend over at Road & Track, Bozi Tatarevic, has a keen nose for stuff just like today's Miata news, and he spotted an article by the Japanese car magazine Car Watch that details Mazda's upcoming updates.HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping wheel Automotive Cars News Car Watch actually got to drive the car, too. There's a lot to go through, but the highlight has to be confirmation of what we told you earlier this year about a significant power bump: The Miata will indeed get an increase of 26 horsepower, from 155 to 181. But the power's not the whole story. Mazda has increased the redline from 6,800 RPM to 7,500. It's not clear at this point where torque and power peaks are in the rev range,HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping wheel Automotive Cars News or how these changes affect low-speed drivability, but more revs are almost always a good thing and aren't likely to detract from the roadster's fundamental goodness. Car Watch reports that lighter pistons and connecting rods are fitted to help reduce rotational mass in the 2.0-liter inline-four. Some valvetrain changes were needed to support the higher redline, mainly stiffer valvesprings to prevent valve float. Mazda also changed the shape of the valves and optimized the intake ports to breathe better at higher RPM. The inner diameter of the exhaust ports were increased to flow better through a new muffler better tuned to the engine's new operating range. This confirms and gives a little more detail to what we reported earlier based on a leaked document from Mazda Canada. Car Watch also confirms that the revised Miata will get a low-inertia dual-mass flywheel, which should help absorb some vibration, noise and harshness from the higher-revving engine without losing too much of the directness that a single-mass flywheel provides. Mazda usually gets stuff like this right, so while we won't know until we get a chance to drive it whether the DMF feels "right," we're not too worried about it. There's also a telescopic steering wheel, a first in any Miata, which has a range of about 1.1 inches. That doesn't sound like much, but it should help folks with longer legs reach the wheel without having to crank the seat forward. Interestingly, Car Watch reports that the telescoping wheel was opposed by some in the company seeking to save every fraction of an ounce of weight, and to get it through, the company apparently had to change some of the material in the upper steering column from steel to aluminum to satisfy the weight-conscious. Little details like these are fantastic. Incidentally, the little 1.5-liter engine that's available in other parts of the world gets a tweak, as well. Sadly, in Japan, you can't get the 2.0-liter engine in the softtop model, only in the RF. That won't be the case here, where the new 181 hp engine will be the only choice regardless of top, as the 2.0 is right now. We can't wait to test the new, higher-zoot Miata, and will let you know when to expect a first drive as soon as we can.Automotive Cars News,mazda miata, miata, mazda, mazda mx-5, mazda mx-5 miata, mazda mx-5 (automobile model), mazda mx5, mx-5, 2018 mazda miata, turbo miata, mx5, review, cars, boosted miata, miata rf, 2018 mazda mx-5, mazda (automobile company), mazda mx-5 rf, review mazda mx-5, mx-5 miata, nd miata, miata turbo, na miata, miata review, drift, convertible, roadster, mazda miata 2016, mazda miata review, mazda miata problems, review mazda miata, mazda miata mx-5, mazdaspeed 3,miata, mx-5, mx5, mazda, review, mazda miata, mazda mx5, miata review, roadster, race car, na miata, day in the life, mazda mx-5, Autorep

UPsetting a Ferrari! How to Drive the Nurburgring Nordschleife

It's time to UPset a Ferrari 430 Scuderia in the VW Up with Misha! There's more to the Nurburgring than just a fast car; as experience, understanding and proper technique are all vastly more important to complete a safe and quick lap - as demonstrated here on track in the Apex Sub 7Up alongside a Ferrari 430 Scuderia... Did you see this coming? Following my recent outing in the McLaren 675LT Spider, I jump back in with Misha to take you on a guided outing around the Nordschliefe. If you want to drive the Ring, you should either hire an instructor to show you around or at least study it in advance to take in the brake and turn-in points and begin to understand the Green Hell. For more from Misha, head over to and of course be sure to visit Apex Nurburg at the Nurburgring! Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista: Hot Laps at Ferrari's Fiorano Test Track

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MARANELLO, Italy — Ferrari's special-edition V8s have a long history of delivering more than the sum of their individual parts. The 360 Challenge Stradale (2003), 430 Scuderia (2007), and 458 Speciale (2013) each leapfrogged the capabilities of their donor cars to cement their notoriety in supercar history. The latest in that lineage is the Ferrari 488 Pista, a hopped-up variant that is the most powerful road-going V8 in Ferrari history. The Pista is so quick that its lap time around the company's own private Fiorano circuit is only 1.8 seconds behind the LaFerrari.

With 49 more horsepower pushing around 198 fewer pounds, the $345,300 488 Pista looks, at least on paper, like a no-brainer for deep-pocketed speed fiends. But there are also a slew of tiny changes that alter its persona — 50 percent of the engine components are new — as well as intangible characteristics. The carbon fiber intake manifold, for instance, shaves weight but also features shorter, lower-volume intake runners for better throttle response. The turbocharger's turbines are composed of a new aluminum-titanium alloy that slashes inertia in half, trimming the powerplant's already minimal turbo lag. Titanium connecting rods aid cylinder acceleration. And new robot-welded Inconel exhaust manifolds are 10-percent wider and slightly longer, offering reduced back pressure and a throatier note. Coupled with reduced sound-deadening materials, the pipes are responsible for more engine sound reaching the cabin.

Before tackling the famed Fiorano track, I drive the 488 Pista on the street to see what 710 horsepower in a twin-turbo Ferrari feels like, and my first impressions came on thick. Sure, there's the expected interior upgrades of copious Alcantara and carbon fiber, visible aluminum floor plates, and massive carbon paddles borrowed from the 488 Challenge race car. Hold the red steering wheel-mounted engine start button with a press of the big drilled aluminum brake pedal, and the 3.9-liter V8 fires up with a noticeably more bass-heavy thrum than before, the first hint that this is an entirely different beast than the off-the-rack 488.Automotive Cars News,BMW, North American International Auto Show, Ford, Car and driver, autoshow, Car and Driver 10Best, Automobile, Auto racing,Ferrari, 488Pista, Pista, 488GTB, mid-engine, V-8, turbo, twinturbo, prototype, drive, track, Maranello, Italy, Fiorano, supercar, sports car, coupe, review,2019,supercar review, first drive, ferrari, 488 pista,,

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