New Cloud Mining !! Alternative To Hashflare. Hashflare Payout

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THE END OF HASHFLARE? EXIT SCAM? - No Bitcoin Cloud Mining Payouts

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Passive Income 41$/Bulan Dari Genesis Mining | Cloud Mining Calculator Indonesia

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Bitconnect Balik Modal Tanpa Mengandalkan Referral. Genesis Mining Live Stream

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Realist News - Usi-Tech Mining Equipment Scam Video It Belongs To Genesis Mining

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Considering the lack of transparency as to who the owners of Crypterra are, and where the actual mining is being conducted, everyone should be extremely cautious when making a decision to purchase any cloud mining contract with them. That being said, if Crypterra is totally legitimate then their 2-year Bitcoin mining contracts are really the best price you can find. A 2-year, 250 GH/s contract cost just $32 as opposed to Hashflare, where that same 250 GH/s will cost you $55 and it's a one year contract. Crypterra estimates that in that 2-years time you will make $390 on that $32 for the 250 GH/s contract which if true, would amount to a 1000% ROI.

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